Guy Poses as a Glass of Wine on Tinder and Gets 300 Matches

Want to get some matches on Tinder? Just change your profile to a picture of a glass of wine. That’s what this dude did and he got over 300 likes in two days.

Here’s his profile:



Here’s his matches:

glass-of-wine-tinder-15 glass-of-wine-tinder-13 glass-of-wine-tinder-10 glass-of-wine-tinder-12 glass-of-wine-tinder-5 glass-of-wine-tinder-11

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glass-of-wine-tinder-16 glass-of-wine-tinder-14 glass-of-wine-tinder-8 glass-of-wine-tinder-4 glass-of-wine-tinder-6 glass-of-wine-tinder-2 glass-of-wine-tinder-7 glass-of-wine-tinder-9 glass-of-wine-tinder-3

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