These Vintage Airline Ads From the 1970’s Will Make You Want to Get Away

These days airlines try to appeal to customers by offering them chocolate chip cookies or a free checked bag. Back in the day airlines tried a little harder. They created advertisements that could easily be mistaken as works of art.

vintage-airline-ads3 vintage-airline-ads2 vintage-airline-ads4 vintage-airline-ads6 vintage-airline-ads17 vintage-airline-ads7 vintage-airline-ads1 vintage-airline-ads5 vintage-airline-ads8 vintage-airline-ads13 vintage-airline-ads14 vintage-airline-ads11

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vintage-airline-ads9 vintage-airline-ads10 vintage-airline-ads12 vintage-airline-ads16 vintage-airline-ads15

Author Matthais C. Hühne has put together an awesome collection of vintage airline ads for his book,, Airline Visual Identitty: 1845-1975. The book provides unique insight into the design and advertising methods of an era when airlines were considered the most glamorous form of travel.

More information on that book right here.


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