The Best Posts of the Week (Aug 31st – Sept 9th)

10. Google Just Changed Its Logo


9. Elvis Andrus Straight Up Stole Home Plate Last Night… and it was amazing

8. People Can’t Stop Asking Miley Cyrus “What’s Good” in Her Instagram Comments


7. Girl Loses License, Drives Pink Barbie Jeep Around Campus Instead


6. 17 Hot Girls Wearing Fortune Cookie Clothing


5. Tom Brady’s Suspension Was Just Nullified… so here are 21 NFL Memes


4. Back to School: The Best Backpacks You Can Buy


3. This Dude is Basically the Dan Bilzerian of Weed


2. Meet Ines Helene aka “The Swedish Unicorn” (25 Pics)


1. Watch a Hot Chick Struggle to Fit Her Booty in Her Jean Shorts

Don’t forget to check out the Best Dopeness Pics of the Week!

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