Joe Biden Memes Are Taking Over the Internet (17 Pics)

It won’t be long until Barack Obama and Joe Biden are out of the White House. But their legacy will live on forever thanks to all of the Twitter users that turned their┬ábest photo-ops into hilarious memes.┬áThese may be the only good thing to come out of the presidential election.

joe-biden-memes-6 joe-biden-memes-4 joe-biden-memes-5 joe-biden-memes-7 joe-biden-memes-8 joe-biden-memes-2 joe-biden-memes-1 joe-biden-memes-3 joe-biden-memes-9 joe-biden-memes-10 joe-biden-memes-11 joe-biden-memes-12 joe-biden-memes-13 joe-biden-memes-14 joe-biden-memes-15 joe-biden-memes-16 joe-biden-memes-17

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