The Best Memes From Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair Cover (22 Pics)

After nearly breaking the internet earlier this week with her Vanity Fair cover, it was only a matter of time until Caitlyn Jenner was turned into a meme. Sorry Caitlyn, now that you’re one of the gals, you’re opening yourself up to the same pop culture treatment that Kim gets.

Check out our favorite memes below:

caitlyn-jenner-memes-2 caitlyn-jenner-memes-18 caitlyn-jenner-memes-7 caitlyn-jenner-memes-3 caitlyn-jenner-memes-4 caitlyn-jenner-memes-5 caitlyn-jenner-memes-6 caitlyn-jenner-memes-8 caitlyn-jenner-memes-9 caitlyn-jenner-memes-10 caitlyn-jenner-memes-11 caitlyn-jenner-memes-12

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caitlyn-jenner-memes-13 caitlyn-jenner-memes-14 caitlyn-jenner-memes-15 caitlyn-jenner-memes-16 caitlyn-jenner-memes-17 caitlyn-jenner caitlyn-jenner-memes-19 caitlyn-jenner-memes-1 caitlyn-jenner-3 caitlyn-jenner-2

The crazy thing is that Family Guy predicted all of this 6 years ago: 

Check out Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover right here

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