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Featured Hottie – Daniela Lanio (31 pics) ūüėć

Depicted below: a hottie puhtottie with a rockin’¬†body. ¬†Meet Daniela Lanio.

daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-6 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-25 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-29 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-4 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-31 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-30 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-28 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-27 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-26 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-24 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-23 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-22 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-1 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-2 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-3 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-5 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-7 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-8 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-9 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-10 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-11 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-12 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-13 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-14 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-15 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-16 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-17 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-18 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-19 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-20 daniela-lanio-hot-boobs-pics-21

You can get more selfies from the lovely Daniela by

  • Following her on Instagram

  • Following her¬†on Snapchat:¬†danilanio

  • She has her own subreddit

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Emilia Clarke makes stupid promo video for Vogue (but is still really hot)

In this quick video from Vogue Australia, Khaleesi names off her favorite word for each letter of the alphabet.  Emilia and I seem to share a number of favorites.

She was recently on the cover of Vogue Australia, here is a look at the cover and spread:

[sigallery id=”HdsqsCXbVusMWiFrFUnXhi” title=”Emilia Clarke Vogue Australia” type=”sigallery”]


Intense GoPro Footage Shows Raid That Led to Capture of El Chapo

We all hear about things like El Chapo being captured on the news, but we never really know how it goes down. ¬†This video gives us an incredible inside look at the raid that led to the capture of El Chapo. ¬†It’s like an action movie, but even better because it’s real life.

Authorities are saying that they found their way to El Chapo partly in thanks to Sean Penn. ¬†Here’s Sean and El Chapo together shortly before the capture: