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Vogue Paris X Kaws – Graffiti-Couture Photoshoot

For their November issue Vogue Paris commissioned Kaws to decorate their “Graffiti-Couture” Photoshoot. The shoot features model Raquel Zimmerman in front of some Graffiti backgrounds with Kaws artwork added on top of the pictures. Kaws can basically draw whatever he wants on a picture and people will love it, especially if there is a sexy chick involved. Hit the link to see the entire shoot. Continue reading Vogue Paris X Kaws – Graffiti-Couture Photoshoot

Seating by Andrew Dickson

This leaf chair he designed called “Palmae” is gonna put him down in some furniture design history books. Unlike a lot of crazy dope concepts, this is one that is actually real — using a unique form of manufacturing called “gas injection molding,” this complex form becomes possible to construct and support weight. Check out more of his super sleek work: Continue reading Seating by Andrew Dickson