Deejo Allows You To Create Personalized, Tattooed Pocket Knives

Pocket knives have become a real fashion accessory. On the other hand, it is not always easy to choose among all the existing products and there are many factors to consider such as aesthetics or practicality. Deejo has found the solution to find the knife most suited to your needs and desires:  Create your own knife!

Deejo is a lifestyle and design brand which allows you to customize and tattoo your own Deejo on its online platform MyDeejo. The creation of your Deejo is done on an ergonomic and elegant 3D platform that will allow you to plan perfectly by having a vision of the blade with your chosen tattoo.

Customizing your own Deejo allows you to create according to your tastes and to get a knife that truly resembles you. For this you can choose the finishing of the blade and its tattoo amongst more than 60 illustrations such as dreamcatcher, feather, art deco, Indian skull, tribal, etc. You can also choose the color and material of the handle with different types of wood. And for the ultimate personal touch, you can even engrave a phrase or word of your own on the handle of your Deejo. With more than thousands of combinations of customization available you can create the knife of your dreams that truly resembles you.

The Deejo pocket knife is ultra-light and can easily fold, which makes it the best every day companion for all its users. With its fine and aesthetic design, your Deejo is sent in an elegant holster to please all lovers of unique objects. Deejo is the original and authentic gift that will make any recipient happy!

You can purchase your own Deejo pocket knife right here. 

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