IKEA Turned These Kid’s Drawings into Stuffed Animals


In an effort to raise money for Unicef, IKEA launched a program that enlisted the help of children across the world.  Kids across 40 different countries submitted drawings of their ideal soft toy, and the 10 winning entries were turned into toys that will be sold at IKEA.

Each year since 2003 they do an annual fundraiser that benefits children’s education projects via Unicef.  This collection is a part of that fundraiser.  For each toy purchased, one euro will be donated to the program.  You can shop the toys here.

Take a look at the drawings and toys below:

ikea-toys-arms-2015 ikea-toys-bat-2015 ikea-toys-bird-2015 ikea-toys-dino-2015 ikea-toys-ears-2015 ikea-toys-neck-2015 ikea-toys-rhino-2015_0 ikea-toys-skunk-2015 ikea-toys-spikes-2015 ikea-toys-tiger-2015

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