Artist Given Permission to Paint Utility Boxes Around His City and They Are Awesome


Artist, Paul Walsh, has decorated around 15 utility boxes around the city of Auckland over the last couple of years.

It all started with him doing a painting of “Grumpy Cat” on a wall in his local dog park that was covered up by the city.  A lot of the locals really enjoyed the painting and petitioned the council when it was removed.  A friend of his then wrote an article about that in the local paper, and that article was seen by a company called Chorus.  Chorus happens to own the utility boxes around the city, and asked if he would be open to doing paintings on them instead.

He primarily paints internet memes, since the boxes he paints on are physical internet connections, and it is likely these memes have at some point ran through these boxes.  Take a look at more of his work below:


Be sure to visit Paul’s website right here.

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