Amazing Aerial Photos of Las Vegas by Vincent Laforet


Las Vegas is known for the bright lights of the strip, but they’ve been seen from this point of view. Photographer Vincent Laforet¬†captured Sin City from 10,000 feet in the air. The resulting pictures resemble a computer circuit board more than they do a city. Check out all of the pictures below.

las-vegas-aerial-photography-vincent-laforets-8 las-vegas-aerial-photography-vincent-laforets-7 las-vegas-aerial-photography-vincent-laforets-6 las-vegas-aerial-photography-vincent-laforets-5 las-vegas-aerial-photography-vincent-laforets-4 las-vegas-aerial-photography-vincent-laforets-3 las-vegas-aerial-photography-vincent-laforets-2 las-vegas-aerial-photography-vincent-laforets-1

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Via DB

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