Artist Benoit Lapray Explores the Secret Lives of Superheroes


Even superheroes need a vacation. That was the inspiration behind artist Benoit Lapray’s series of photos exploring the “Secret Lives of Superheroes”. He depicted Batman, The Flash, Hulk, Superman and more alone in remote locations, outside of the cities we normally see them in. Seemingly taking a break from the constant grind of fighting crime.

Check out all of the pictures below.

secret-lives-of-superheroes-10 secret-lives-of-superheroes-9 secret-lives-of-superheroes-7 secret-lives-of-superheroes-6 secret-lives-of-superheroes-5 secret-lives-of-superheroes-4 secret-lives-of-superheroes-3 secret-lives-of-superheroes-2 secret-lives-of-superheroes-1 secret-lives-of-superheroes


Via DB

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