Dope Jordan 'Triangle' Art By JC Ro

Dope Jordan 'Triangle' Art By JC Ro


Dope Jordan 'Triangle' Art By JC Ro


Artist JC Ro creates these insanely dope Jordan prints out of thousands of triangles (literally). JC Ro has featured such classics as I’s, III’s, IV’s, V’s, VI’s, IX’s, and XI’s in theseprints, and they vary in size from 28″x36″ to 18″x24″.

All of this featured work (and more) is available for purchase at his webstore:

JC Ro has also turned some classic shots from movies into these triangular masterpieces.

Most of these prints are in stock and available on JC Ro’s website rightHERE, and they are actually veryreasonably priced.

Keep up to date with JC Ro’s Instagram for all his latest work.

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