Retailer Sneakersnstuff is Opening a Bar in NYC

Sneakernstuff is best known as one of the premier sneaker retailers in the world. They have stores in Paris, London, LA and NYC. But their latest projects is their first venture outside of the sneaker world.

Inspired by NYC at night, the 2,000 sq ft space incorporates hues of purple, blue and gold into all elements of the bar to create a relaxed atmosphere. The furniture and light fixtures pay homage to Sneakersnstuff’s Scandinavian roots with objects designed by Swedish, Finnish and Danish designers.  

The bar is owned and will be programmed out by Sneakersnstuff and is designed collaboratively by Sneakersnstuff and Jenny Askenfors of Bofink Design.

The SNS Bar features a solid drink menu with the concept of ”shitty drinks made great”: paying homage to the classic NYC cocktails and drinks with a refined twist. Additionally, the SNS Bar will also offer beers, some light food and snacks while evening and resident DJs, events and activities will host on a daily basis.

The design and interior space of all Sneakersnstuff stores are based on and inspired by their host cities. When opening up a new store, Sneakersnstuff does their research on the history and heritage, both past and present, as well as on local influences around the host city. These elements becomes the inspiration for the concept and interior of each store. This process results in well thought out stores with custom made interiors, furniture, details that are unique to SNS both as a retail destination and to the cities that they’re in.

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