There is a Secret Bar in Grand Central Terminal That You Can Visit

Inside of Grand Central Terminal, there is a secret bar that served cocktails to guests in a setting that looked like it was straight of the 1920’s. Mainly because it was.

Campbell Apartment is an old office turned bar that is being reopened again. The new owners have decided to drop the dress code, expand the menu and add signage to the watering hole, effectively ending it’s time as a “secret bar.” But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The space is amazing and deserves to be enjoyed by people that aren’t in the know.

Before it was a bar, Campbell Apartment served as the office of wealth businessman John Williams Campbell. He had the spacious office built so he could show off his wealth and power. Below is a picture of what it looked like in 1923.

If you’re in NYC, make sure you check it out.

secret ba[lawrence-related id=475535]

Via CoolMaterial and MCNY

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