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To whom it may concern,

I am Co-Owner of clothing brand 0 To Lose and recently we had pursued as a way to advertise & market our products. From start to finish we had a pleasant experience with Eric & the Sneakhype Team. The communication was superb via e-mail & text so not once did we feel out of the loop. It was refreshing to work with a website of this caliber and have a down to Earth but professional staff.

The results of the featured post we did on were phenomenal. The three categories that we based the extent of the success of the post were traffic, brand awareness, and most importantly, sales. Sneakhype impressed us the way they surpassed our expectations in all three categories. Within just 2 hours it was well worth the investment. The “boom” of sales we received lasted through a two week period but as I write this recommendation three weeks after the post; traffic & sales from Sneakhype are still trickling in. Our conversion rate daily since posting on Sneakhype has also improved.

We volunteered to write this recommendation because not only did Sneakhype deliver in the 3 categories that we sought to improve upon, they had hidden benefits that we weren’t aware that they’d do for our brand. Once they finished our post they were very adamant about making sure followers & friends on all their social networks seen our post. We also compose this for all those on the fence with advertising on We had wished we seen a recommendation of some sort because we had contemplated for over three weeks before contacting them. helped us reach markets we wanted to target and others we weren’t intending to. Their audience is that vast. We have every intension to advertise with Sneakhype in future because they have shown us they can provide traffic, brand awareness, and sales.

If you have any further questions with regard to Sneakhype’s qualifications or results please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.

Clint W. Evans

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