These Shoe Condoms keep your sneakers safe from STDs ($11)

Tent? Check. Sleeping bag? Check. Discreetly hidden alcohol? Check. But what about the latest must-have festival accessory? Shoe Condoms, created by and available exclusively at, homeware and lifestyle retailer for imaginative people.

Whether at a festival or just a particularly muddy commute, these water-proof, dirt-proof wonders keep your feet safe from anything life can throw at ‘em. There’s antibiotics for super-gonorrhoea, but there’s no remedy for getting mud caked into every nook and cranny of your Fila Disruptors.

Simply slide these plastic covers over your creps before diving into the crowd to watch your fave artist and you’ll emerge with perfectly spotless feet. Then slip them off, give ‘em a wash and use them again and again.

These clever wraps are even gripped for your leisure, featuring special non-slip pads on the sole to stop unfortunate accidents whilst wearing them.

They’re also see-through, unlike those gross blue shoe covers which completely ruin your look – these sneaker sheaths are subtle and discreet.

Add all this to the fact that they’re machine washable AND dishwasher proof, and you’ve got no excuses for getting your glittery Glastonbury gladiators or job interview brogues in a dirty state.

Purchase here.

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