You Need This Stud Mug ($14)

You Need This Stud Mug ($14)


You Need This Stud Mug ($14)


Listen up, stud. Some days you feel damn good and need the world to know it. For times when you feel your freshest, pour your morning coffee in the Stud Mug and let everyone know. The 13-ounce ceramic Stud Mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and splashed with the image of a stallion and the word “stud” in script. Whether you bring it to the office for your afternoon pick-me-up or keep it at home for quiet Sunday mornings of being awesome, the Stud Mug is a proper drinking vessel for anyone who’s just killing it.

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And for those days when you need to kick today in the d*ck, buy this mug:

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