MVMT Unveils Their Femme Fatale Campaign Just in Time for Summer

LA-based accessories brand, MVMT, has teamed up with a cohort of groundbreaking female artists for their upcoming SS19 Femme Fatale campaign.

The Femme Fatale celebrates the power of femininity by spotlighting women who inspire the MVMT brand, in collaboration with the release of their 2019 sunglass line.

Spearheading the campaign as Creative Director and shoot photographer is renowned storyteller Sarah Bahbah. Her empowering, thematic style that resonates with female audiences around the world guides the narrative. The featured artists span countries and industries, but have a few things in common — they’re rule-breakers and they’re unfathomably talented: Khadijha Red Thunder, Cailin Russo, Kari Faux, and Wafia Al-Rikabi.

“Our 2019 sunglasses capture the very spirit and attitude of our femme fatales. You’ve seen these shapes before — in an old picture of your mom, on the women who’ve made shades iconic like Naomi Campbell and Audrey Hepburn, on the heroines in Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill. Sunglasses have always served a larger purpose than utility. They have the power to shield us from the world, to make us feel strong and sexy — in whatever way we choose.”

“Femme Fatale is an attitude. It’s how we move through a room and command space. It’s in the strength of our spines and the beauty of our art and the grit in our walk. It’s how our stories impact the world and how the world impacts our stories. Uninhibited. Unfiltered. Unstoppable.” – MVMT

Take a closer look at the campaign below. Head over to the MVMT website to make a purchase. Prices start at $60.

The entire Femme Fatale collection is available for purchase right here.

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