Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed ($30)

Have you ever tried cooking…. with weed???

Well, now you can and the food will actually be good thanks to this new cookbook inspired by the popular MUNCHIES and Viceland television series, Bong Appétit. It’s basically the Joy of Cooking for a new generation interested in making serious, sophisticated food– but with weed. Bong Appétit breaks down the science of infusing (oils, butters, milks, alcohol, and more) with cannabis, and offers recipes ranging from weed butter-basted chicken to weed chimichurri to weed brownie sundaes. Along the way, the book hits on marijuana politics, dosage, and pairing strains and flavors, and has tips from MUNCHIES vast network of friends and experts, including “Bong Appétit” stars Ry Prichard and Vanessa Lavorato.

Purchase here.

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