Hey Ladies: Here Are 10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Shopping for your significant other is never easy, so we put together 10 great gift ideas that every guy would appreciate.

1. A JBL speaker – Everyone deserves a great portable speaker. They’re great for the beach, biking, camping, barbeques, and even just around the house. JBL has great quality audio and the ability for multiple speakers to sync up to one another. That means with just two or three speakers, you can create a surround sound experience in any room!

2. A distressed jean jacket – With the 90’s revival in full swing, a denim jacket is a staple in everyone’s closet. Look for one with a few rips and tears and a light wash. Does your BF already have a jacket? Check out your local vintage store or swap meet to deck it out with some old school pins that show his personality.

3. Gift Card – Is your man a sports fanatic? Treat him and a friend to an all-day sports excursion at Dave and Busters. Consider picking up a gift card to his favorite clothing store or restaurant—just make sure your choice is personal, so he knows how much you care.

4. A nice pair of sweatpants – Now you might be thinking that’s kind of lame. But the best feeling in the world is coming home, taking a shower, and snuggling in bed with your favorite sweats on. We often don’t think to spoil ourselves with lounge clothes, we usually spend money on things we absolutely need. Consider spoiling your BF with some luxury fabrics, you’ll struggle to get him to wear anything else.

5. A MVMT watch – A stainless steel watch is an elegant and thoughtful gift. MVMT is a great brand to choose from with its amazing catalog of modern styles and sleek designs. Choose from steel, titanium, bronze, rose gold, and so much more to match your boyfriend’s personal style. However, even with the high fashion factor, this brand boasts great price points.

6. A Hydroflask or insulated water bottle – Hydroflasks and all similar water bottles make a great present for anyone. Even if he’s not the athletic type, having cold water all day long is a luxury everyone can appreciate. Having a great portable water bottle can help increase water intake drastically. These water bottles will conveniently fit in his bag, so he can walk or commute to work with cool, fresh water—even on the hottest of days.

7. A piece of art – What does your boyfriend like to do? Does he absolutely love the ocean and lives on his surfboard? Does he find peace in the forest and loves to camp? Go to a farmer’s market and find some local artists, their art won’t be too expensive, and you’ll be supporting the artistic community.

Take some time and look around at the options, find the one that reminds you of him most. Gifting art is an awesome experience. Your boyfriend will know you picked that specific one out with him in mind. It’s sweet to know the person you love gets your interests and passions

8. Inflatable couch – These blow-up couches are amazing for all outside activities from concerts to barbeques. They open entirely on one side, so you just have to catch a bit of wind and twist it up to close. It’s ready in just a few minutes and both your boyfriend and you will have the best seat in the house!

9. Record player – Does your BF geek out over his favorite band? Is he always trying to see live music? Then a record player should be his next gift for sure. Record players have a certain pureness to the sound that electronic music can’t capture. Buy his favorite song or two on a record to start his collection. This is a gift that can be cherished forever.

10. A massage – Whether it’s a solo experience or you both do it together. A message is a great way to treat him to a little relaxation. We often don’t realize how tense our bodies get through all the stress. Let him pamper himself for a day, he deserves it.

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