Sneakhype Select Series: Take a Ride with City Bicycle Co.

Sneakhype Select Series: Take a Ride with City Bicycle Co.


Sneakhype Select Series: Take a Ride with City Bicycle Co.



Finding a quality bike at an affordable price these days is definitely not an easy task. You can usually find cheaply made bikes for a somewhat affordable price, or bikes that cost as much as a car & will break the bank. Luckily, City Bicycle Co. is here to help.

With a mission of helping you discover your city, the company offers high-quality, aerodynamic, and affordable bikes. This particular model is their Type One, which features a flip-flop hub that lets you choose between freewheel & fixed gear riding. The bike weighs only 23lbs. and comes 90% assembled. Not only is the remaining assembly incredibly easy, they also include the tools you need to completethe job.


Most bikes of a similar style start in the price range of $400-500. The City Bicycle Co. Type One will only set you back $275, and that includes free shipping. I was skeptical at first, but after crushing a 16 mile ride the first day I had the bike, and then proceeding to ride it everyday since then with no setbacks, I was convinced. I can confidently say that you will not find a better bike for your money. You can buy the “Chicago” Type One here.


They also offer a number of different colorways, each one inspired by famous bicycling cities across the world. Check out their full range of bicycles options here.

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