Enjoy the Open Waters in Style & Luxury with the Alen 68 Superyacht

If there’s ever a good time for some motivation it’s right now. This Alen 68 Superyacht from Foster + Partners should definitely give you some nice eye candy, as well as a little motivation to hustle a little harder to end your week. The superyacht has a large lounge, kitchen, master cabin, and 2 guest cabins. Retail price? Oh, just $3.8 million.

alen-68-superyacht-2 alen-68-superyacht-3 alen-68-superyacht-4 alen-68-superyacht-5 alen-68-superyacht-6 alen-68-superyacht-7 alen-68-superyacht-8 alen-68-superyacht-9 alen-68-superyacht-10 alen-68-superyacht-11 alen-68-superyacht-12 alen-68-superyacht-13 alen-68-superyacht-14 alen-68-superyacht


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