Handmade iPad Cases by germanmade

Handmade iPad Cases by germanmade


Handmade iPad Cases by germanmade


With unrivaled quality and practicality, a small company out of Germany gets Sneakhype’s vote for the best iPad case on the market. Each case is handmade to your specifications, so each is truly one of a kind. I have had both versions of the iPad and have had cases by Incase, Apple, and others, and I have been twice as happy with my germanmade case than any other I’ve owned.

Unlike popular minimalist cases, these cases actually protect your iPad in a practical manner that allow you to throw it in your backpack or briefcase (or satchel for your hipsters), but the birch wood enclosure doesn’t add nearly the weight you think it might. The binding allows it to angle just the right amount on your lap. My iPad 2 fits snug in the rubber corner grips, but can easily be removed to put in the integrated stand. The thing even has a magnet in it so it does the automatic on/off thing — a nice touch.

Besides all the legit reasons to like it, I think it looks frikkin’ dope. The germanmade site has a configurator where you can design your own — chose your color, materials, even emboss it with your name or whatever. If you’re still unsatisfied with your iPad case… get it done right, and have the homies at germanmade make you one, by hand, exactly how you want.

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