Featured Brand: Eleven Eleven Watches

This brand encompasses pretty much everything I look for in a watch.  Most of them are simple, but still clean as could be.  Every watch is in limited quantities, 1111 pieces for each watch they make to be exact.  Last, but not least, they’re meant to be able to match up with your shoe game effortlessly.  They have even done some collab pieces with Jordan Brand that were pretty dope.  You can check those out after the jump.

I think my favorite thing on these watches is their motto, which is on the back of every watch, “It’s 11:11…Make A Wish!”.  They carry a wide variety of colorways for both men & women.  You can find their watches in Neiman Marcus stores and online, Barney’s New York in store and online, as well as other various retailers and websites. 

You can check out a lot more of their collections and get more information over at their website here

SMS1105SM60SM02 SMS1107SM60SM07 SMS1101SM42SM56 AMS1112SM63SM64 AMS1111SM60SM13 AMS1107SM60SM33 AMS1104SM55SM54 SWS1112SW64SW44 SWS1107SW44SW02 SWS1108SW44SW66 SMS1102SM57SM54 AWS1111SW50SW65 AWS1108SW62SW50 SWS1113SW50SW51 Off_Center_Black-1 Off_Center_Brushed_White_Numbers-1