Bell & Ross – Grown Ass Man Timepieces

After my birthday festivities last night, I’m working on taking strides toward becoming a grown-ass man.  First step: get a Bell & Ross 01-92 Carbon.  Second step: quit drinking Tequila and Tabasco shots.  Turns out they taste like shit when you throw them back up, too. 

More info and dealer listing at Bell & Ross.  Also, this watch is cool, but check out this other nasty nast Radar Watch by B&R.

br0192_300x450_bleu_1 heritage300_450 br0192_300x450_phantom_1 br_0192_yellow_1 br_0192_red_1 br_01_92_gold_ingot_300x450 20091217_183232 20091210_120320 20091202_131433 20091202_120308
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