11 watches from Tokyoflash Japan that tell time like you’ve never seen before

Tokyoflash Japan is a watch company that seems to be paving the way for futuristic watches that are nearly impossible to read without the manual, but hey they’re super dope, and serve as great conversation starters.


The Everyday Watch from MIJLO Gives you 10 Watches for the Price of 1

The Everyday Watch is a project that recently launched on Kickstarter.  With prices starting at just $89 USD, you have the ability to customize your watch the way you want it.  Right now they have an early bird special that gets you 2 different faces, and 5 different bands for just $181 USD.  The system is set-up to easily switch out different bands when you’re needing a new style.  Head over to their Kickstarter for all the details.


Check Out The Newest Watch From Nixon, The Tangent

Nixon just added a new time piece to it’s already impressive line of watches. The Tangent was designed to handle everything you could throw at it. It’s constructed out of a super durable hybrid of stainless steel and custom G10 materials. It looks pretty slick too. The Tangent is available for purchase now in 3 colors.


Ritot Projection Watch Just Became the Dopest Watch on the Market

Now this is what I’m talking about.  The Ritot Projection Watch recently hit IndieGOGO, and has already exceeded their $50,000 goal by 399%.  The watch itself is actually the first of it’s kind being a projection watch.  Not only can it project the time in 20 different colors onto your hand, but you can receive notifications for incoming calls, text messages, weather alerts, and much more.  You can dismiss those notifications with a simple shake of the wrist.  Other cool features include a wireless base charger & waterproof capability.  Head over to IndieGOGO to order yours now.


These Translucent Time Tellers from Nixon are Incredibly Dope

Nixon just added a few new options in their Time Teller P model.  These particular colorways feature a translucent bezel & band that look amazing.  They’re available now on Nixon’s website for only $75.


Nixon Marbelized Supertide is a Swirl of Dopeness for your Wrist

Nixon just released this incredibly dope colorway of their Supertide watch.  The Marbelized Supertide is pre-programmed with tide information for 270 coastal regions, and is waterproof up to 100m.  The watch is available now, and you can grab it here.

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Akomplice Summer ’14 Collection

Akomplice Clothing recently released their summer ’14 lookbooks, and they feature some extraordinarily dope shit to keep you fresh as hell this summer.


Take A Look At Nixon’s 2014 Summer Collection Lookbook

Nixon just unveiled their brand new Summer 2014 Lookbook.

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