The Roots Rapped About Harry Potter On Jimmy Fallon And It Was Amazing (Video)

Last night The Roots debuted their rap about the one and only Harry Potter on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I didn’t think it could be done but they managed to create an entertaining song about Harry and his Hogwarts crew. Just watch it. 


20syl’s Music Video for “Kodama” is the Dopest You’ll Watch Today

20syl recently dropped this music video for the single Kodama, and it is incredibly creative.  It’s pretty cool to see all the equipment used in making the record.  Enjoy.

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Fuck, That’s Delicious – Episode 2 (Video)

The rapping chef, Action Bronson, returned in episode 2 of his new web series, Fuck, That’s Delicious. In the latest episode, Bronson bails his cousin of jail and eats his way through Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. It’s 20 minutes long but worth the watch. Check it out above. 


5-Year-Old Makes a Beat & Writes Awesome Hip-Hop Song

This is just great.  Jordan, who is 5 years old, decided to show the people of YouTube how easy it is to make a hip-hop song.  Pretty impressive, and the lyrics are hilarious.


Entree LS Summer ’14 Collection Video Lookbook

Entree LS just dropped their USA-inspired Summer ’14 collection, and it is looking dope!  This is the video lookbook to let you get a preview of what they’re offering.  Head over to their online shop to grab your favorite pieces.


OK Go’s Newest Music Video is Trippy Once Again

OK Go just dropped another music video, and like a lot of their past videos, it’s very creative & pretty trippy.  The video is for the song “The Writing’s On the Wall,” which is set to be on their upcoming album, Hungry Ghosts.


Brian Williams Is Back and Rapping “Baby Got Back” [Video]

Jimmy Fallon unveiled a new installment of his rapping Brian Williams series last night. In his latest rap, B-Will covers Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”. This might be his best work yet. You should also watch Brian Williams rap “Roll Out” and “Gin and Juice“.

Banned Grey Poupon Commercial Shows What People “Poupon”

You guys remember that “Ship my Pants” commercial from K-Mart awhile back?  Well, this is a similar concept on the popular Grey Poupon mustard product, and it is hilarious.  What do you Poupon?


OnCue Blows “Alotta Smoke” in Latest Music Video

OnCue just let loose some new visuals off his latest project, Leftovers 2.  The song is called “Alotta Smoke,” and was produced by Maki.  Very dope stuff.


6 Facts About Beer That You Need To Know (Video)

Keep these facts in mind next time you crack open a cold one. 


Dude Asks Fast Food Restaurants to Make Sandwiches Look Like the Pictures

This is genius.  So, this guy went around to popular fast food restaurants, ordered an item, and then once he opened whatever he ordered to see it didn’t look like the ad pictures he asked them to make it again.  The results?  Probably not what you would expect…


Introducing Vessyl: The Smartest Cup You’ve Ever Drank Out Of

Technology.  Is.  Amazing.  If there’s ever been something I need it’s this “Smart Cup” from Vessyl.  Watch this video, and be prepared to be amazed.  Once you watch it, head here to pre-order.


Celebrate the End of the NBA Season with Another Edition of Mean Tweets

To coincide with the ending of the NBA season last night, Jimmy Kimmel released another edition of his popular “Mean Tweets” segment.


Forget the World Cup, You Need to Watch these Ladies Play Soccer in Lingerie

The World Cup is obviously pretty awesome.  But if you’re needing a breaking from the dramatics of that whole thing, then you need to check out these lovely ladies playing soccer in some lingerie.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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