Peyton & Eli Manning are Back with another Music Video

Peyton & Eli have came together for a new music video and rap song, and once again it’s pretty hilarious.  DirecTV enlisted them to make a song and video for their new Fantasy Football channel, which also looks amazing.

Meet Kama the Surfing Pig

Now, this is one impressive pig.  Kama is a surfing pig who lives in Oahu, and can’t seem to get enough tasty waves.

Jason Sudeikis Returns as Coach Lasso in New Premier League Film

Coach Lasso AKA Jason Sudeikis has returned in an all-new video for the Premier League.  This time he hangs up his coaching hat for a broadcasting job, and it is hilarious.

Backflip on the 40th Floor is Nearly Fatal for this Guy

This is the scariest video you’ll watch today no doubt.  While atop the 40th floor, this young gentleman decided to attempt a backflip, and most likely saw his whole life flash before his eyes in the process.  Great save, but damn that scared the poop out of me.


Listen to Action Bronson’s New Single “Easy Rider”

Action Bronson just released his latest single called “Easy Rider” that will appear on his upcoming full-length project, Mr. Wonderful.  The song itself was produced by Party Supplies, and it has a very ill vibe to it.


Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant Are The Same Player (Video)

This is the 3rd installment of the Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant: Identical Plays series. The first two were great, but this is easily the best compilation yet. The similarities between these two players is ridiculous. If they were wearing the same jersey, you wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart. Check it out above. 


Barack Obama Singing “Fancy” is All You Need Today

You’ve heard this song a million times by now, but never like this.  Enjoy President Obama giving his take on Iggy’s hit single “Fancy.”


Every Driver Should Own this Heads Up Display from Navdy

I don’t care who you are, at one point or another you have used your phone while driving.  Everyone does it, and it’s incredibly unsafe.  In comes Navdy, a HUD (heads up display) that helps you keep yours eye on the road, but still be in tune with what’s going on with your precious little cell phone.  Pre-order here.

Life Hacks: How-To Pack for One Night Stands

Obviously, you might want to also roll a little protection up in that shirt as well.  Maybe a small bottle of Jack Daniels as well.  Anyways, this little trick on how to pack for one night is absolutely brilliant.  Enjoy.

Take the World’s Largest Urban Zipline for a Spin

When most people think of ziplines, I’m they don’t picture anything quite like this.  This is quite possibly the most extreme version of a zipline that you will ever see.

Take a Slow-Motion Tour of New York City (Video)

Everything looks better in slow motion. Even the fast-paced streets of NYC. 


Toyota Releases “Swagger Wagon” Music Video featuring Busta Rhymes

This isn’t the first time that Toyota has released a family-friendly hip-hop song as promotion for a new vehicle.  This time around they enlisted the one & only Busta Rhymes for some help on this new song & video titled, Swagger Wagon.  It’s umm….  interesting, to say the least.


Eddie Huang Gets New Show “Huang’s World” on Munchies YouTube Channel

So, Vice cancelled Eddie Huang’s previous show known as “Fresh Off the Boat,” and have gave him a new slot on their Munchies channel.  They gave Eddie 24 hours to come up with a new name, and here’s a look at what went into that process.

SpongeBob gets the 3D Treatment in Upcoming “Sponge Out of Water” Movie

2015 will bring a brand new SpongeBob Squarepants movie.  This one looks pretty interesting, it’s in 3D, and the characters from Bikini Bottom are heading above water for their newest adventure.  Grammy winner?  I think so.

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