This Is What Pixar’s “UP” Would Look Like If Michael Bay Directed It (Video)

Have you ever wondered what Pixar’s UP would look like if Michael Bay directed it? YouTuber MrStratman7 has. He created this awesome trailer that depicts the animated film as an action movie with massive amounts of explosions. Check it out above. 


You’ve Never Seen Soccer Played Like This

This looks like the most fun I’ve seen in awhile.  Zorb Soccer, hottest new sport?  You be the judge.

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This is the Coolest Basketball Court You Will Ever See

I don’t know what it would be very easy to play basketball on this court if the LEDs were moving around, but it definitely looks awesome!  The court is located inside the “House of Mamba” that is a part of the Nike RISE contest.


Kevin Hart & Dave Franco Star in “Madden Season” Music Video

It is officially Madden Season.  To celebrate, Kevin Hart & Dave Franco have teamed up for this music video that shows what a Madden rivalry is like.  Madden ’15 hits stores August 26th.

You Have to Watch this Insane Video of 2 Dudes Skateboarding in the Alps

How these guys make it without eating it is beyond me…  Two skateboarders, Byron Essert & Alex Tongue, decided to race down the Alps, and go flying by cyclists doing the same.  Looks fun, but a little to risky for me.

Watch the Official Trailer for Season 5 of “Boardwalk Empire”

HBO has finally released the official trailer for the upcoming final season of Boardwalk Empire. Judging from the trailer, the 5th season will be the most exciting yet. It’s set in 1931 around the beginning of the Great Depression. The trailer also hints at another story line – Charlie Luciano’s creation of the Commission. Check it out above.

Magician Trying to Sell Marijuana to a Cop is Magnificent

I’m still on the fence if it’s completely fake or not, but either way this is a pretty dope video.  You guys think it’s the real deal?

Johnny Depp Stars in Upcoming Film “Mortdecai”

Mortdecai stars Johnny Depp who plays an art dealer that’s on a search for stolen painting that’s reportedly linked to a lost bank account filled with Nazi gold.  I can’t tell if this looks good or not, but it definitely looks interesting.

Watch Nigel Sylvester’s “Ridin’ With That Work 2″ Video

Pro BMX rider Nigel Sylvester just dropped the second installment of his Ridin’ With That Work video series. This new video features footage from Nigel’s travels around the world. He hits up spots in LA, Tel Aviv, and of course his hometown of New York City. Check it out above.  


PARTYNEXTDOOR & Drake Release Music Video for “Recognize”

Drake’s latest mentee has been killing it lately, as he recently dropped his new album.  PARTYNEXTDOOR decided to shoot release some visuals off the album for what’s undoubtedly the standout track; Recognize feat. Drake.  Enjoy.


KU Unveils New Crimson Chrome Football Jerseys

In preparation for the upcoming football season, KU has unveiled their new football uniforms.  The Crimson Chrome uniforms features mostly crimson, with highlights of blue & chrome.  The embossed “KU” on the numbers is pretty killer.  Let’s hope that these new uniforms brings some wins to the Jayhawks this year.


This Guy Turned his Backyard into a Waterpark

This dude, Hal Jones, was recently on the show “Cool Pools” on HGTV, and what he was showing off is just insane.  He quite literally transformed his backyard into his own private waterpark.  Complete with a 30-person hot tub, lazy river, and built-in bar, this is quite the backyard oasis.  Will definitely need to have something like this in my future dwelling.

Watch the First Trailer For the Breaking Bad Spin-Off “Better Call Saul” (Video)

Breaking Bad fans rejoice! Walter White’s lawyer and partner in crime, Saul Goodman, is getting his own spin-off. Although it probably won’t be as good as its parent series, Better Call Saul will at least fill some of that void left by the Breaking Bad finale. AMC finally released a teaser trailer for the upcoming series. It’s only 10 seconds long but it’s enough to get you pumped up. Check it out above. 

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