Complex Goes Sneaker Shopping with Ben Baller

In the latest episode of “Sneaker Shopping,” Joe La Puma hits RIF LA with the one & only Ben Baller.

Beatiful Chemical Reactions Look Absolutely Stunning

HD video of chemical reactions to start your Monday?  I don’t see why not.  The video is incredible to say the least.  Just click play & enjoy.

Bradley Cooper Stars in Upcoming Film “American Sniper”

Talk about an intense trailer.  Bradley Cooper stars in the Clint Eastwood directed film “American Sniper.”  There’s been a lot of war movies as of recent, but this one looks pretty damn good.  In theaters January 15th, 2015.


A$AP Rocky & Juicy J Drop Music Video for “Multiply”

A$AP Rocky is back with some brand new music featuring Juicy J.  The video is for a song called “Multiply,” and it’s definitely good to get some new tunes from Rocky.  Hopefully this means a new album is on the horizon.


Danny Macaskill’s New Video “The Ridge” is Epic

In Danny’s latest video, he heads to his native home of the Isle of Skye in Scotland for the first time in one of his films.  He shows off his skills once again on a death-defying ride along the Cuillin Ridgeline.

World’s Craziest Teeterboard Flips

When I think teeterboard, I just think sitting on a teeter-totter in 3rd grade & acting like a boss.  These guys take teeter-tottering to another level.  This has got to take some serious skills to land these kind of flips on a small board.

Amazing Video About the People of Times Square

I’ve only been to Times Square once in my life, and touristy or not, it’s pretty damn mesmerizing.  Michael Tapp put together this video by talking to the characters that pass through it during the night.


Episode 5 of “Fuck, That’s Delicous” features Lamb Necks, Alligators, and the Blues

Action Bronson is back with the 5th episode of the Munchies series “Fuck, That’s Delicious.”  This time he heads down to New Orleans to partake in the culture.  Enjoy.

Saturday Night Live Makes Fun of NFL Player Game Intros

With all the legal troubles that NFL players have been in recently, SNL decided it would poke a little fun at the NFL.  The actors take a new approach to how NFL players should introduce themselves during game intros.

Liam Neeson is Back for a 3rd Time in “Taken 3″

He just won’t stop.  Liam Neeson is back again to try and dig himself & his family out of another terrible mess.  Is there anyone on this planet as badass as Liam’s character in the Taken series?  Me thinks no.  In theaters January 9th, 2015.

Chiefs Fan Completely Demoralizes Lone Patriots Fan During MNF

Last night night was a bad time to be a Patriots fan. The Kansas City Chiefs absolutely destroyed the Patriots on the field and the Chiefs fans made sure the Pats supporters knew it. Watch as this group of bros completely disrespects this dude wearing a New England jersey. All in the name of America. Man, I love football. 

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Dude Draws The Beatles in Pancake Batter

Remember when your parents used to tell you not to play with your food?  Well, you shouldn’t of listened so you could do incredible stuff like this.  Nathan Shields is apparently a pancake master, because his YouTube channel has several videos of him creating artworks with pancake batter.  This particular video shows him making all 4 members of The Beatles.


Ohio State Strength Coach Body Slammed A Fan That Ran On The Field

If you’re thinking of running onto a football field during a game, make sure Ohio State isn’t playing. Their strength coach, Anthony Schlegel, is not to be f*cked with. He body slammed the hell out a kid who made the mistake of running in his direction. I have to extend some props to the fan though. He held onto to his visor AND sunglasses even after getting tackled and dragged off the field. 

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