Watch The Trailer For James Gandolfini’s Final Movie “The Drop” (Video)

The late, great James Gandolfini returns to his gangster ways in one of his final movies entitled The Drop. It was written by the same guy who wrote Gone Baby Gone so our expectations are already high. Judging by the trailer those expectations are justified. Take a look.

True Facts About The Octopus

These “True Facts” segments by Ze Frank never get old. In this episode we are learning about the Octopus. Enjoy.

This Dude Walked 3,000 Miles Through China And Took Selfies To Prove It (Video)

Christoph Rehage is the real life Forrest Gump. One day he decided to start walking and he didn’t stop until he had traveled nearly 3,000 miles. The only difference between him and Forrest is the location of their Journey. Christoph spent over a year walking through China and he grew out a pretty awesome beard on the way. Watch the video detailing his journey above.


Google Maps Launches A Real Pokemon Challenge For April Fools Day

Google is celebrating April Fools day by creating a real life Pokemon Challenge. Google has inserted hundreds of Pokemon characters into their Google Maps app. Users can search the map and attempt to catch them all. Once you spot one, just zoom in and capture it.  Just don’t let the game distract you while driving. Capturing Pikachu isn’t worth wrecking your car.


Dude Perfect Hits AT&T Stadium for Final Four Trick Shots

With the Final Four being this weekend, Dude Perfect hits up where the game will be played, AT&T Stadium.

Samuel Adams “HeliYUM” Beer Commercial is April Fool’s Gold

Obviously, there would be huge safety concerns if this were an actual thing.  How funny would it be to actually have “HeliYUM” while you’re partying with friends though?  Non-stop laughing.

Official Trailer for “Sex Tape Movie” Starring Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel

Ever accidentally send a risque video to the wrong person or upload one to the internet on accident?  If so, you might know how Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel feel in this upcoming movie, Sex Tape Movie.  Expect it to be in theaters on July 25th.

Coke + Nutella + Mentos + Durex = Epicly Weird Video

Perhaps it’s the fact that I can’t understand anything this guy is saying that makes the video so entertaining.  Maybe it’s how excited he is.  Either way, you’re going to want to watch this.

Two-Legged Boxer Goes to the Beach for the First Time

This two-legged boxer, Duncan Lou Who, might be one of the fattest dogs I’ve seen.  I can’t even imagine how strong his front legs are.  Duncan was born with severely deformed back legs, and had to have them removed.  The owners got him a wheelchair, but he apparently hated it.

How Much Would It Cost To Be Captain America? (Video)

The secret to becoming a super hero is deep pockets. Just look at Iron Man and Batman. They posses no special powers, just extremely deep pockets. Captain America on the other hand does have super human strength, but that super soldier serum wasn’t cheap. Neither is the rest of Captain America’s gear. In total, it cost over $54 million dollars to turn Steve Rodgers into a super hero.

Goat Simulator Game is Incredibly Weird & Epic

When I first watched this, I wasn’t 100% sure it was real.  To be honest I’m still not sure.  However, the game does look pretty epic.  Using the character of a goat throughout the whole game seems a bit strange.  Anyways, expect the Goat Simulator to release on April 1st, supposedly.

The Penn State Squirrel Whisperer is Magical

Do any of my KU folks remember the @SquirrelsofKU Twitter account?  This reminds me of that, but it’s on a whole different level, and it involves actual squirrels.  This lady, Mary Krupa, is known as the squirrel whisperer & makes little hats for squirrels so she can take pictures of them.  I wish I possessed a power like this.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Return to the Big Screen

I just really, really hope that they use Vanilla Ice’s “Go Ninja” song for the soundtrack on this one.  I can’t see this comparing to “The Secret of the Ooze,” but I’ll definitely still have to check this out.  Michael Bay & Megan Foxx, such a dynamic duo.  Expect the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to return to the big screen in August of this year.

Dude Does Backflip on Insanely High Bridge

Every aspect of this video is pretty insane.  First the climb up to the highest point of the bridge with no harness or safety precautions.  Next you have the casual “lend a friend a hand while he hangs from 400-ft in the air.”  Follow it all up with a backflip on of the smallest portions of the bridge.  Crazy Ukrainians.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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