High School Basketball Player is 7’5″ and it’s Just Not Fair

Can you imagine what it would have been like to be 7’5″ in high school?  Hell, just imagine what it would be like to be 7’5″ at any age.  I’m sure this dude catches a lot of flack, but with how much Tacko Fall dominates the paint, I’m sure he brushes that dirt off his shoulders like it’s nothing.  Dude makes a basketball look like a tennis ball, and the goal look like it’s 3″ shorter.

Beatboxing Juggler in Venice Beach is Mesmerizing

Words can’t describe how crazy good this beatboxing juggler is.  At first I thought, “Oh, this dude is just bouncing these balls, he’s not juggling them.  What’s impressive about that?”  Then I kept watching.

Internet Privacy Prank Shows How Creepy the Internet Actually Is

BuzzFeed hits the street of Los Angeles to ask people about Internet privacy.  This is what they call “Facebook stalking in real life.”


Jimmy Fallon & Anne Hathaway Sing Broadway Versions of Rap Songs

Anne Hathaway recently made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, and the two decided to recreate some famous rap songs with a broadway twist.

Jon Favreau Wrote, Directed, and Stars in New Movie “Chef”

This upcoming movie full of food porn was written & directed by the one & only, Jon Favreau.  Jon also plays the main character in the movie, who quits his job at a restaurant to launch a food truck and reignite his passion for the kitchen.  In theaters May 9th.

Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Chengdu (Part 1)

In case you’re unfamiliar with Eddie Huang, he’s a world traveler, author, chef, and sneakerhead. Eddie is currently in the midst of Season 2 of his web series Fresh Off The Boat. This is kind of a weird place to introduce our readers to his show, but it’s hard not to enjoy it regardless of when you start watching it. In this episode, Eddie heads returns to his bamboo roots and discovers that pandas watch panda porn, gets a taste of Chengdu traditions with hip hop pioneer DJ SuperBestFriend and eats pig brain mapo tofu at a “fly restaurant” on the brink of demolition. Check it out.

Alex Wiley Puts Out Some Good “Vibrations” in Latest Music Video

Alex Wiley just dropped this new music for his song, Vibration.  The song features some amazing illustration by Windeaux Vision.  Look out for Alex’s upcoming project, Village Party, which drops during this spring.

All of the Accents From the British Isles (Video)

The British Isles are home to many of the world’s greatest accents. This tour will familiarize you with all of them. Liverpool is my favorite.

This Is How They Made The Dragon’s Egg From Game of Thrones (Video)

The Game of Thrones Season 4 premier is only hours away. While you’re waiting, watch this short video detailing how Khaleesi’s Dragon eggs were created. Like every other aspect of Thrones, the producers didn’t cut any corners when it came to making the scaly eggs. HBO enlisted Polish metalworking company Rextorn to do the job. 


The Hundreds Shows Us the Nike x Supreme Foamposite Release in LA

This release was a huge shock to me.  I knew people were really hyped about it, but I did not expect one in-store release to be completely cancelled & another one as busy as this.  The Supreme store in NYC was not able to do an in-store release because the streets were so flooded with people, so many people that the “riot control” team was brought in.  The LA store on the other hand was still able to do their in-store, here’s a look at what it was like.

True Facts that Sound Like Huge Lies

Some of these are pretty eye-opening.  Wait ’til they get to the part about babies & turtles.

Scarlett Johansson Stars in Upcoming Movie “Lucy”

This seems like a slightly different version of the movie “Limitless,” but hey at least it has Scarlett Jo in it.  Plus, I’ll never turn down a chance to watch Morgan Freeman in a movie.


The Evolution of Pizza (Video)

A short history lesson on how the world’s most beloved food came to be.

No Time To Catch Up On Game of Thrones? Just Watch This Emoji Recap (Video)

The good news is Game of Thrones returns this weekend. The bad news is your running out of time to re-watch the previous seasons. Not to worry. This Emoji re-cap breaks down everything that has happened in the first 3 seasons in the simplest way. Emoji’s rule.

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