The Red Band Trailer for “The Interview” is Hilarious

This Christmas will bring another movie from the tandem of Seth Rogen & James Franco.  This time around they’re heading to North Korea to take out Kim Jung un.  This is the official red band trailer, and it looks hilarious.

Dancers do the Waltz on the Walls of City Hall

Two Bandaloop dancers, Amelia Rudolph & Roel Seeber, decided that it would be fun to do a little dancing on the side of a building.  Suspended high on the walls of city hall in Oakland, CA, the pair do a little waltz.  What a thrill this would be.

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Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea Just Released A Music Video For “Booty”

Good lawd. It’s like christmas in September. Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea didn’t leave anything to the imagination in their new video for “Booty”. Take a look above. 

Dude Buys First iPhone 6, Drops it on the Ground

In case you didn’t remember, the iPhone 6 released today.  This guy was apparently the first to get an iPhone 6, or maybe the first in Perth, it doesn’t really say.  Either way, in a rush of excitement trying to show the media his brand new baby, he pulled a sweet move & a dropped it on the ground.  I don’t think the warranty will cover that one my man.


Gatorade Pays Homage To Derek Jeter In New “Made In New York” Commercial

With Derek Jeter getting ready to play his last home game ever later this month, Gatorade decided it was the perfect time to release this gem of a commercial. The ad follows Jeter as he walks around NYC interacting with his fans and just being the all-around badass that he is. The Frank Sinatra soundtrack doesn’t hurt either. Check it out above. 


Lil Dicky is Back with a Brand New Music Video for “Lemme Freak”

If you’re not familiar with Lil Dicky, then do some research here.  If you are, then you’ll undoubtedly enjoy his latest music video for the song “Lemme Freak.”  You can’t deny that the guy has skills, and it’s fun to watch someone go about rappin’ differently than everyone else as far as subject matter goes.


OnCue Takes it “Way Too Far” in Latest Music Video

OnCue recently released his newest project, Angry Young Man, which features this single “Way Too Far.”  Today he dropped the visuals for the standout track that was produced by Maki, Just Blaze, and Frequency.  Angry Young Man is available for download now.


Skateboarding Tricks in Slow-Motion is Mesmerizing

Christopher Chann put together this video of him doing skateboarding tricks, and then put it in slow-motion to give you a closer look at how the tricks are performed.  Videos like this make me wish I would have tried a little harder when I was younger.  So dope.


Guys Disguised as Priests to Help Sneak in and Base Jump Off Tallest Building in Poland

I know they’re just base-jumping, but this seems like something you would see in a movie.  To help get their parachute gear past security, this extreme sports teamed dressed up as priests so they could base jump off the tallest building in Poland.  Amazing.

Blake Griffin Gets Artistic with Slam Dunk Poetry

Vizio enlisted Blake Griffin for a new video series called “Slam Dunk Poetry.”  So far, they’ve released several videos with Blake Griffin reciting poetry in a slam dunk fashion.  Tearaway Pants might be my favorite.


Stance Socks Headquarters Are Like A Playground For Adults (Video)

I don’t know how you would get any work done in an office life this. The Stance Socks headquarters are filled with everything you need to distract yourself from the boring responsibilities of your job. They’ve got a fully stocked kitchen, mini ramp, driving range, and a basketball court. I’ve just got one question for you Stance, are you guys hiring?

The Art of Billiards Trick Shots with GoPro

We’re always a big fan of trick shot videos, but this might be the first one we’ve shared featuring the game of pool.  Ziemowit Janaszek is a pool pro, who demonstrates the art of the trick shot using a GoPro.


Guinness World Record for Longest Usable Golf Club is Insane

This honestly looked fake for the beginning of the video, but it’s on Guinness’ actual YouTube channel.  Dude has some serious skills being able to even hit the ball with that club.  Unreal.

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