Famous Film Scenes Recreated with LEGOs

Who doesn’t love playing with LEGOs?  So, why not recreate a bunch of famous film scenes with the iconic toy.  The film itself was put together by Morgan Spence.


Your Worst Nightmare: U.S. Town with No Wi-Fi or Cell Phones

This is a solid plot line for a horror movie I have in mind.  You’re reading that title right, no cell phones, no Wi-Fi, just good ol’ fashion landlines & nature.  Pretty interesting stuff.


You Won’t Believe this is Computer Animated…

Technology — specifically technology in the field of graphic design — is continually making leaps and bounds towards furthering our enjoyment of entertainment.  Somehow, these designers are creating digitally rendered images that are nearly impossible to distinguish from reality (and somehow I’m still getting suckered into paying 12 dollars for a f*cking Godzilla ticket). If this video fooled you for even a second (which it did, don’t be telling stories now) then just think about the implications that this type of computer animated technology can lead to in terms of the future of gaming, movies, and of course blowing the average individual’s mind sending them into a spiraling confusion of what is and isn’t reality.   Source: Blazepress

This is the Most Epic & Elaborate Handshake You’ll Ever See

You thought you & your best friend’s handshake was good?  Please.  These two news anchors from WGN-TV used to do this elaborate handshake during commercial breaks.  This was filmed back in 2009, and it is epic.

Unbelievable Card Shuffling Skills shown off by “Captivating Cardistry Wizards”

This group of “Cardistry Wizards” from Singapore just blew my freaking mind doing seemingly impossible things with a deck of cards. …and I thought I was cool because I can cut a deck of cards with one hand. 


Dude Perfect Makes Their First Hockey Trick Shot Video

The kings of trick shots, Dude Perfect, have put together their first hockey trick shot video.  The video features a couple of hockey players from the Dallas Stars & once again it does not disappoint.


Second Graders Try a $220 7-Course Tasting Menu

If these kids are anything like I used to be, then they’re pretty picky eaters.  The New York Times sent these 2nd grades to a fancy restaurant known as “Daniel,” for a 7-course tasting menu that normally costs $220.

John Oliver Asks “How Is Columbus Day Still A Thing?”

In honor of Columbus Day, John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, decided to point out how ridiculous this “Holiday” really is. Turns out Columbus was kind of a D-Bag. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, today is Columbus Day. How many of you were aware?


MINIPRESSO Gives You a Boost with Espresso On-The-Go

Do you need this?  Yeah, for $39.95 you probably need this.  The MINIPRESSO is a portable, hand-powered espresso machine.  Watch the video, and then pre-order this amazing machine here.


Childish Gambino Releases Music Video for “Telegraph Ave” Starring Jhene Aiko

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, just released his latest music video for the song “Telegraph Ave” that’s featured on his most recent album.  The song itself features an intro from the R&B artist, Lloyd.  Another R&B artist makes a cameo in the video, who you might know is Jhene Aiko.

Will Smith Stars in the Upcoming Film “Focus”

Will Smith is getting back on the big screen.  His upcoming flick title, Focus, stars him and Margot Robbie.  The film is about a group thieves & con man, and what happens when romance gets in the way.

Watch the Official Teaser Trailer for Disney’s “Tomorrowland” Movie

Teaser trailers are always the worst, but they do exactly what they’re supposed.  They give you just enough to keep you intrigued & wanting more, but then they kind of piss you off because they didn’t give you more.  Anyways, this is the teaser trailer for Disney’s upcoming film “Tomorrowland.”  The movie stars George Clooney & Britt Robertson.  In theaters May 22, 2015.

Ken Block’s Ford F-150 Raptortrax is the Most Badass Vehicle

Next time you go on a snow retreat, you might want to go with Ken Block.  This video shows Ken putting his Raptortrax to work.  I need.


George Brett recounts his “Perfect Double Tapered Shit”

In honor of our KC Royals playing in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series today, let’s have a look at the Royals’ most beloved player and member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame: George Brett — and his amazing story about shitting himself.

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