Did You Know Water Did This? (Video)

Just came across this, and had to share.  You probably know about water surface tension and all that good stuff from Mr. Fartknocker’s honors sophomore Phsyics class in high school.  But do you remember your mind getting blown quite like this? 


Snoop Dogg – Sitting By The Water (Doggisode #17)

Do you like Snoop Dogg?  Do you like hot, half-naked chicks that happen to be dancing by a pool?  Of course you do.  So, you might want to take a look at this video from Snoop.

Introducing Nike Flyknit Technology (Video)

Nike is always coming out with some kind of crazy technology.  Flywire, KobeSystem, Lunarlite, and now we have Flyknit.  All the pictures of the Flyknit shoes I’ve seen look so dope.  Seems like they’re going to be a little expensive though.


Street Artist Draws With Caramel (Video)

Yeah, I’d say this guy is pretty talented.  I wasn’t expecting him to make an actual lollipop out of it though.  That’s crazy.


Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Look Around (Interactive Music Video)

The Chilli Peppers just released this trippy new music video for their single Look Around. The interactive video allows viewers to “look around” and explore different scenes of the video using a click-and-drag feature. It’s pretty crazy. Try it out for yourself. 


YONAS – Fall Back (Music Video)

This song was my jam when it came out last year.  It’s nice to see it finally get some visuals, definitely going to re-visit his “The Proven Theory” album now.  If you haven’t got that yet, or if you haven’t checked him out at all, do it now!


spnKIX (Video)

Just when you think America couldn’t possibly get any lazier, we introduce to you, spnKIX.  Really?  Is this real life right now?  $125,000 has been pledged so you don’t have to do something as simple as walking anymore.  I’m not trying to hate on the creator behind these, I’m just sayin’.

World’s Largest Rope Swing in Utah (Video)

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure that I would have the guts to give this puppy a try.  The video was shot in Moab, Utah, and unless you’re completely crazy, I suggest you don’t try this at home.

Nike+ FuelBand “Day In The Life” Commercial (Video)

The hype surrounding Nike’s new FuelBand continues to grow as the release date approaches. In this new commercial Nike athletes Ndamukong Suh, Hope Solo and Paul Rodriguez show everyone how the FuelBand works. 

Buenos Aires Inception Park (Video)

This video actually has nothing to do with Inception but it does have some very Inception-esque visual effects.


The Cool Kids – Rush Hour Traffic (Video)

The Cool Kids just dropped some visuals for their latest single, Rush Hour Traffic. The new video, which features animation from graphic designer Elliot Lim, follows Chuck and Mikey around their native Chicago. It’s definitely different than what we are used to seeing from them.

DJ Khaled Featuring Jeremy Lin – All I Do Is Lin (Video)

You might be tired of hearing about Jeremy Lin, but I don’t care.  They did one similar to this for Mr. Tebow, I just don’t like him as much as I do Jeremy, so I didn’t ever post that one.  I love everything about this video, except for DJ Khaled.

Maestro Knows Special Edition – Frones (Video)

Maestro Knows is my favorite thing on the internet.  I’ve said that before, and I’ll stand by it until I die.  He’s always the happiest dude, and makes the most out of every opportunity he gets.  This episode takes a look at the collaboration between him and Vans.


AQUA TEK S – Heavy Duty iPhone Case

If there’s a more rugged phone case out there then this one, I haven’t seen it.  Snow Lizard Products just launched a Kickstarter page for this case.  If the funding reaches $75K by March 10th they’ll be rolling out this product for purchase shortly after.

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