Dual Snowboards (Video)

I’ve never snowboarded in my life, so those that have will have to tell me what they think of these.  They’re called Dual Snowboards, which basically allow you to have more freedom to move around while boarding.  Check out the video, and let us know what you think.

The Dictator – Trailer 2 (Video)

Yesterday the 2nd trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film “The Dictator” was released. This new trailer gives us a better idea of what the storyline is going to be. I’m looking forward to seeing this one.

Ron Burgundy Auditions For ESPN (Video)

I’m not real sure how I’ve never seen this before, but it is hilarious.  If you watched Conan the other night, you may have heard a little rumor about an Anchorman 2 on the horizon.  Only time will tell I guess.

Odd Future’s Loiter Squad – Episode 1 (Video)

Last night Odd Future’s new TV series Loiter Squad officially premiered on Adult Swim. There a few funny parts in the first episode but I’m still not sure about this show. What do you guys think?


Kaloopy Media – The Blonde REDUX (Video)

Yeah, I’m starting to the enjoy these videos from Kaloopy Media more & more.  Don’t skip ahead, but just wait ’til it hits 53 seconds in.  Happy Hump Day!

Total Recall 2012 – Teaser Trailer (Video)

You thought Inception was crazy?  Psssh, Total Recall has a trailer within a trailer with this new teaser trailer.  Did I say trailer enough times?  I just got to ask, why Colin Farrell?  They better not ruin this movie, and I better see the lady with the 3 jugs.


Tenacious D – To Be The Best (Video)

It looks like Tenacious D is making a return to the music scene. In this new video the duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass give us a look at what they have been doing for past few years and preview their new song, “To Be The Best”, from their upcoming album, Rize of the Fenix. 

Andrew Dickey – Black Bike Vol. 1 (Video)

I could totally do this.  Ok, that’s definitely not true.  This guy is crazy talented on two wheels.  This was filmed in Melbourne, and it’s titled “vol. 1″, so I can only hope that the next one is on it’s way soon.

Wiz Khalifa DayToday – SXSW (Video)

Holy mother of pearl.  Wait ’til you get to the drive-thru scene.  Enjoy the newest DayToday episode from Khalifa.

Frame Of Mind (Video)

Two guys getting crazy creative with a picture frame.  It was filmed at different locations in Hawaii.  I wonder how long this took to put together.

Punk’d 2012 (Trailer)

On March 29th, we finally have the return of the MTV hit-show, Punk’d.  I’m curious to see how legit it’s going to be.  There’s too many staged shows out there, and I really hope this one isn’t in the same boat.


Jessica Burciaga – The Deep Blue Sea (Video)

Well it was between posting this, or Kaloopy’s new video with Shay Maria.  I find them both extremely attractive, but I had to go with Jessica.  Once again, I’m diggin’ the music in the video.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Official Trailer)

Yes, you read that title correctly. They are making a movie about Abraham Lincoln killing vampires. And judging from the trailer it is going to be amazing.


Sean Rose – Plenty Of Love (Video)

Las Vegas native Sean Rose just released the first visuals off of his latest mixtape, OVERDRIVE. The video for Plenty of Love pays homage to all those who have shown Sean love and support over the years. 

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