Carolina Alvarez (Video)

Introducing Carolina Alvarez. This is basically a “Featured Hottie” gallery in video form.


Mac Miller – Missed Calls (Music Video)

I’m sure Mac had some fun shooting the intro to this video.  The video is for his song “Missed Calls” off of Blue Slide Park.  Enjoy.

Nike Basketball: The Ring Maker (Video)

I’m not a Heat fan, nor that big of a LeBron fan, but this commercial is pretty dope.  That ring looks so sick, I wonder what the price is on that bad boy.

Chris Bosh’s Champagne Celebration (Video)

Well, congrats to the Heat for getting their first NBA championship, now they just have 7 more to go.  Also, I’d like to congratulate Chris Bosh for looking like a groupie in a hip-hop music video on national TV.

Taken 2 (Trailer)

OH MY GOODNESS!!  Forget any movie that I’ve said is going to be the most epic movie of all-time.  This one right here is about to decimate them all.  I present to you the international trailer for….  Taken 2.

Golf Ball Vs. Mercedes (Video)

This is ridiculous. Formula 1™ legend David Coulthard and pro-golfer Jake Shepherd set a new world record – farthest golf shot caught in a moving car – with the help of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster. David caught the ball with his car after it traveled 275 meters off the tee. Pretty impressive.


Dom Kennedy – My Type Of Party (Music Video)

This has been my jam all summer so far.  Glad to see it get some visuals.  Don’t forget that Dom’s Yellow Album drops today.

Vans – SINCE 66 (Video)

Vans just released this short film chronicling their evolution as a brand. In the film, many members of the Vans family including Steve Van Doren, Steve Caballero, Tony Alva, and Christian Hosoi share there insights and feelings about the brand. It’s cool to get a look inside one of my favorite brands.


2 Chainz Ft. Drake – No Lie (Video)

2 Chainz just dropped the video for his new single, “No Lie,” featuring Drake. Take a look. 

Hey, Pass Me A Beer! (Video)

We’ve had several trick shot videos on the site before but this is the first one involving beer. I’m going to try and recreate a few of these this weekend.


Milk In My Sippy Cup! (Music Video)

This little guy is a straight up G.  You guys need to watch this video, it’s pretty cool to say the least.  It definitely had me bobbin’ my head when the beat started up.


Kaloopy Media – Jena Sims – Crazy As I May (Video)

Just in case there has ever been any confusion, these Kaloopy videos are typically NSFW.  Get ready for quite the amazing “HandBra” in this one.  She’s definitely a hottie.


Donnis – Hello Kitty (Music Video)

Donnis has been a little quiet ever since his appearance on the XXL freshman list a couple years back.  I’m glad to see some new material from him.  It doesn’t hurt that this video features one of Sneakhype’s favorite hotties, Tiffany Luu.

Remi Gaillard – Foot 2012 (Video)

To be honest, I’ve never heard this guys name before.  Then I started watching some videos from his YouTube channel, and realized we’ve used a few GIFs that stemmed from his videos in the Dopeness.  Well, this is his most recent video.  Not only is he funny, but extremely talented with a soccer ball.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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