Mac Miller – Smile Back

Mac Miller is killin’ it right now. Here is the video for his second single off his upcoming album, Blue Slide Park.


Video Of The Day: Hot Girls Demonstrate The Rules Of Rugby

I’ve watched this five times already and still haven’t learned a thing.

Video Of The Day: Luis Guzman by Duck Sauce

This is a supposed to be promotional video for season 2 of How to Make It In America, but it really doesn’t have anything to do with the upcoming season.  The video is still dope though.  Its a reinterpretation of the Duck Sauce song “Barbara Streisand.”  Check it out. 


Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Gang (Official Video)

Wiz Khalifa just released the official video for his Taylor Gang anthem. Take a look after the jump.

Video Of The Day: Tom Wallisch Dew Tour Breckenridge GoPro Edit

This video is actually kind of old, but it’s one of my favorite videos.  The soundtrack should also help put you in the mood to get a little crazy this weekend.


Video Of The Day: Real-Life Tron Light Cycle

The dudes over at Parker Brothers Choppers have created a fully functional replica of the Tron Light Cycle complete with glowing blue lights running along the body. Check it out.

Video Of The Day: Ball To The Face

Did any of you guys happen to catch this live on Monday Night Football?  Dude gets DRILLED in the face. 


Yelawolf Featuring Lil’ Jon – Hard White (Up In The Club) (Music Video)

I’m not the biggest fan of Yelawolf, but I’m definitely feeling this joint a lot.  The beat is bananas, and I’m glad to see the song finally get some dope visuals.  Who wants to do some couch stomping in the club with me this weekend?


Steve-O Runs Into Mike Tyson’s Fist

If you happened to miss Charlie Sheen’s roast last night, this seems to be the main highlight of it.  I didn’t watch it, but I’m glad this is already up on YouTube.  Steve-O once again proves how big of an idiot he is, and that’s why we all love him.  Hopefully, he’s still being a sober idiot.

Video Of The Day: Orbiting Earth

Today we have a time lapse video taken by the International Space Station as it orbits planet earth. Super dope. 


Video Of The Day: Supermodels Sing Jay-Z’s “Empire State Of Mind”

Hot supermodels and Jay-Z’s “Empire State Of Mind.” Sounds good to me.

Video Of The Day: Experience Zero Gravity

I really, really want to go base jumping with one of the suits.


Frank Ocean – Swim Good (Music Video)

Mr. Ocean just dropped the official video for his standout track, Swim Good.  It’s definitely one of my favorites off of his project, Nostalgia, Ultra.  Still waiting on the re-release of that.

Video Of The Day: Ultimate Batting Practice

Dude smashes pitchbacks like a video game.

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