Anchorman 2 (Official Teaser Trailer)

An extremely bad quality version of this came out a week or so ago, but today I present to you the official teaser trailer.  How epic is this going to be?


Kyrie Irving Dresses Up As Old Man And Plays Pick-Up Ball (Video)

This is great. NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving dresses up as an old dude and hits the basketball courts in this new Pepsi Max commercial.

SKYFALL (Official Teaser Trailer)

Well, it looks like James Bond makes his return to the big screen in November.  This is the newest Bond flick that features Daniel Craig titled, SKYFALL.  Here is the official teaser trailer to give you a little taste of what it’s going to be like.

Chalk Warfare (Video)

This is a pretty fun & creative video for you to enjoy on this lovely Monday.  Just imagine if this were actually real.  I’d be drawing Kate Uptons, and dollar bills with chalk all day.

Pharrell Williams Presents…. i am OTHER (Video)

After a quick little preview video, a new video just dropped where Pharrell speaks on his newest venture for a couple minutes.  This whole thing sounds dope.


Disclosure – What’s In Your Head (Unofficial Music Video)

Just a fair warning, this is completely NOT safe for work.  If you’re under the age of 18, it is possibly not safe for you either.  This is an unofficial music video, but it might be one of the greatest videos ever.  You be the judge.

Rob Dyrdek’s Street League – Kansas City Practice Day

Rob Dyrdek’s Street League is starting off it’s 3rd season this weekend at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO. Here we have some clips from the practice session in KC with Ishod Wair, Chris Cole, and Nyjah Huston getting a feel for the new Street League course.  If you are in Kansas City make sure you check out the event. 


Surfing Magazine – 2012 Swimsuit Issue Shoot (Video)

I want to live in this video forever.  Beach life, attractive females, all located in Oahu.  Not too shabby.


Nike Soccer – My Time Is Now (Video)

Nike Soccer launched their new “My Time Is Now” campaign just in time for the start of the Eurocup. The commercial features Cristiano Ronaldo, Franck Ribery, Javier Hernandez and many more of Soccers’ elite players. Check it out. 

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Greatest iPhone Case Ever Created?

It’s an incredibly thin, flexible sleeve (.25 millimeters thick) that completely wraps your iPhone and MAKES IT WATERPROOF TO A DEPTH OF 10 METERS.  So basically you can barely tell this thing is even on your phone, and you could put a hard case over the top of it, and you could update your Facebook status while scuba diving.  You could even snap pics of girls in bikinis underwater in the pool (with their explicit permission of course). The only bummer with this thing is that you would have to remove the sleeve every time you wanted to charge the phone.  Maybe it would be something you’d just want to put on for those summer days at the pool or beach.  This is not yet available for sale, but you can bet we’ll let you know as soon as you can buy it.


Entree LS Summer ’12 – Concrete Jungle Collection (Video)

Our friends over at Entree are bringin’ some dopeness for this year’s summer collection.  Check out the video lookbook to take a peak at what’s coming from them.  Welcome to the Concrete Jungle.

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Ride The Wave: Pink Dolphin Camo Cars (Video)

It looks like Pink Dolphin is coming out with a line of custom cars. Not really but they did give a few of their favorite luxury rides custom paint jobs. I think I like the Beamer the best but the Infiniti and Mercedes are both nice too. 

The Amazing Spider-Man – 4 Minute Preview

Marvel is dropping previews for this new Spier-Man movie every week it seems. They’re calling this 4 minute trailer a “Super Preview.” Check it out. 

Tony Hawk Jumps Over $400K Lexus LFA (Video)

The extreme sports marketing ploys continue to be a big hit with big brands.  This time Mr. Hawk jumps over a brand new Lexus LFA supercar.  His job sucks.

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