Best Vines Of The Week (August 10th-16th)

It’s that time again.  Here are the best Vines from the past week.  Have a good weekend folks.


10.  Morgan Freeman narrates breakfast


  9.  She’s pretty good at doing the stanky leg  


8.  Go ahead and put your finger there


  7.  Charge iPhone with a watermelon  


6. Oh, O, O, o


  5. Mirror magic  


4. A Fantastic 4 reject


  3. Machine Gun Kitty  


2. Best Family Feud answer ever


  1. Crazy alley-oop straight to the face  


Time for some honorable mentions:


Whatcha drawing Ry?


  She just wants to be like Cameron Diaz  


Just twerking by the pool


  How to get girls