Best Vines Of The Week (August 10th-16th)


Best Vines Of The Week (August 10th-16th)


Best Vines Of The Week (August 10th-16th)

It’s that time again. Here are the best Vines from the past week. Have a good weekend folks.


10. Morgan Freeman narrates breakfast


9. She’s pretty good at doing the stanky leg


8. Go ahead and put your finger there


7. Charge iPhone with a watermelon


6. Oh, O, O, o


5. Mirror magic


4. A Fantastic 4 reject


3. Machine Gun Kitty


2. Best Family Feud answer ever


1. Crazy alley-oop straight to the face


Time for some honorable mentions:


Whatcha drawing Ry?


She just wants to be like Cameron Diaz


Just twerking by the pool


How to get girls

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