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KONY 2012


KONY 2012


We are all seemingly well aware of the injustices that run rampant in other parts of the world — things we aren’t forced to care about because they have such little effect on our lives. Injustices we can sincerely shake our heads at, but feel so powerless to impact for the better. After receiving several submissions from Sneakhypers today with regard to this video and this movement, I feel more than obligated to use whatever influence Sneakhype.com may have to, in turn, share this video with you.

From a reader in response to seeing this video posted, “It’s great to be informed about Kony, but its also ignorant to think that because a great video was made, that this is the complete truth, or the best program to support. People should be active in helping eliminate this problem, but by first seeing Kony, and then learning about Invisible Children’s faults, people will go a much longer way to helping Uganda.”

Please take time to read a few of these articles against the Invisible Children campaign so that you can make a guided and educated decision about how you choose to support this issue.

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