Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her ASSets in the Official Music Video For “Anaconda”

Remember that single artwork that Nicki Minaj released for her new track “Anaconda”? Well, Nicki just released the music video and it’s amazingly raunchy, just like the artwork. Take a look. 


Dude Perfect Heads to Gillette Stadium for Latest Trick Shot Video

1 NFL stadium, and 6 different sports.  Dude Perfect goes all out in their latest trick shot video at Gillette Stadium.

Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul star in Barely Legal Pawn and it’s Hilarious

Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul reunite as pawn shop owners in this hilarious short that also stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  In an attempt to make some money, Julia takes some goods into “Barely Legal Pawn” to sell.

Breaking Breakfast: Walter White Jr. From Breaking Bad Takes A Blind Cereal Taste Test

If there is one thing RJ Mitte (aka Walter White Jr.) is familiar with, it’s breakfast. He spent roughly 90% of his time on Breaking Bad consuming eggs and bacon. But does he know his breakfast cereals?  Watch him take a blindfolded cereal taste test to find out.

Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL Compilation

Annoyed by all the Ice Bucket Challenge videos in your social feeds yet?

This Is What Pixar’s “UP” Would Look Like If Michael Bay Directed It (Video)

Have you ever wondered what Pixar’s UP would look like if Michael Bay directed it? YouTuber MrStratman7 has. He created this awesome trailer that depicts the animated film as an action movie with massive amounts of explosions. Check it out above. 


You’ve Never Seen Soccer Played Like This

This looks like the most fun I’ve seen in awhile.  Zorb Soccer, hottest new sport?  You be the judge.

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This is the Coolest Basketball Court You Will Ever See

I don’t know what it would be very easy to play basketball on this court if the LEDs were moving around, but it definitely looks awesome!  The court is located inside the “House of Mamba” that is a part of the Nike RISE contest.

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