Surfing at 1000 frames per second (video)

Watch some of the worlds most talented surfers, including Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow, and Billy Keen, as they shred some tasty waves in super slow motion. This film was shot by Chris Bryan who used Phantom Flex, Phantom Miro M-320S and Phantom 4k Flex cameras which allowed him slow down the action.  It’s amazing how easy they make surfing look. Take a look above.

Da’Quan is Back & Causing Trouble in the Streets of SoHo

It’s been some time since we’ve heard from our friend, Da’Quan.  He’s back though, and discussing literature, culture, and fashion in the streets of SoHo.


Dude Perfect Goes Neon with Glow-in-the-Dark Trickshot Video

With Halloween pretty much on our doorsteps, Dude Perfect put out this glow-in-the-dark themed video that fits the time of the year perfectly.  The lights they’re wearing on their bodies look pretty creepy.

HBO releases a teaser trailer for “Banksy Does New York” documentary

HBO unveiled this teaser trailer for their upcoming Banksy Does New York documentary. It doesn’t reveal much but it’s enough to create some anticipation for show. The documentary is set in NYC during Banksy’s Better Out Than In residency he did last year. Banksy Does New York will be available on HBO On Demand and HBO GO starting October 31st.

Some genius put a GoPro camera on a bottle of Fireball and passed it around at a wedding

Here’s an idea for the next wedding you attend.


Inside NYC’s Tallest Apartment Building

Mashable recently took a tour of NYC’s tallest apartment building, 432 Park Avenue.  The apartments have some truly amazing views, but are they worth the $95 million price tag?  You be the judge.


OK Go “Won’t Let You Down” with their Latest Music Video

OK Go is back with another creative music video.  This particular one is for their song “I Won’t Let You Down.”  As always, it’s incredibly entertaining & it helps that the song is pretty good as well.

Blake Griffin & Chris Paul Star in New Show “BGCP3TV in HD”

Jordan Brand has introduced a new web series called “BGCP3TV in HD.”  The series stars two of the Clippers most popular players, Chris Paul & Blake Griffin.  There’s definitely some good laughs in this.

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