Guy Blows Up a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow for the Sake of Art

Tyler Shields is the artist behind this artistic video.  The short film features a guy & his female accomplice in the desert pouring gasoline all-over this Rolls-Royce silver shadow, followed by them setting it on fire.  Art or just a pretty cool video?  You tell me.


Afroman Remade his Most Popular Song, Because He Got High

If you’re in your mid to late 20s, there’s a pretty good chance you’re incredibly familiar with the original of this song.  Well, in an effort to promote positivity, Afroman has teamed up with Weedmaps & NORML to remake his classic song “Because I Got High.”


Skiing at Night in a Lightsuit Looks Dangerously Fun

So I don’t think that I’ll ever look at regular skiing as fun anymore after watching this.  It seems a bit too dangerous for me, but still looks incredibly fun.  This was filmed at night with massive lights & custom LED suits.

Jimmy Kimmel Becomes the Best Uber Driver Ever

Jimmy Kimmel decided to become a registered Uber driver, and he gave one guy the weirdest Uber ride he’s ever had.


Interacket Jacket Changes Color Depending on what You Touch

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a chameleon?  This Interacket Jacket would be perfect for you.  Drapog Design are the ones responsible for this crazy piece of technological fashion.

2 Chainz Checks Out a $25K a Night Hotel in GQ’s Most Expensivest Shit

In the latest episode of GQ’s “Most Expensivest Shit,” 2 Chainz heads to the New York Palace Hotel to check out the Jewel suite.  $25K a night, and you still gotta pay for food?  Ridiculous.


Indoor Surfing in HD Looks Incredibly Fun

Obviously indoor surfing could never compare to the real thing, but this looks like a good time.  Devin Supertramp & friends hit Provo Beach Resort to shoot some indoor surfing in 4K.

Watch Randy Orton RKO the entire internet

Thanks to Vine user Steve Ozzie, Randy Orton has been RKOing just about everyone who has ever ate shit on camera. YouTuber JP Oshannassy put together this awesome compilation of all the best slams. Take a break and laugh at other people getting hurt. You won’t regret it. 

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