Sorry Colts fans… shit’s funny though. 

Holy Shit! A Real Ass Dragon!

There’s a wildlife reserve in Indonesia… and they found this little dude, who is actually a legit descendant of Puff The Magic Dragon.  I need to get in touch with the zookeeper over there and tell them to let this mini-dragon boink a Komodo, so their lil babies are like reptilian flying squirrels.  Sick.

Avatar Sex Scene Deleted But Will Be On DVD!!!!

If you haven’t seen Avatar by now you need to go see it, it was a great movie. It was even better the second time i saw it. It’s no surprise that the film has already grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide but if your like me you may have left the theater feeling like something was missing from the movie. Obviously, this was a steamy sex scene between Jake Sully and Neytiri. Fortunately such a scene was shot for the movie but was deleted from the final product because Cameron thought it would push them past a PG-13 rating…..sounds like it was a good scene and luckily it will be included in the special edition DVD. I can’t wait to see the Na’vi in action.

The Hundreds X Delorean Motor Company

The Hundreds just hooked up with Delorean Motor Company for a new collaboration collection. The collection consists of a bunch of t-shirts featuring Delorean inspired graphics. The Hundreds also blacked out a Delorean and gave it custom paint job and yes, it is also for sale. Check out the rest of the collection as well as the custom Delorean after the jump. The new collection will be available starting tommorow.

BlakRoc Chevrolet Camaro

Oh boy, do i need this.  Possibly the dopest Camaro i’ve seen in a very long time.  All blacked out for the most part, this thing just looks mean.  For those that don’t know, the BlakRoc project is a collaboration between the The Black Keys and artists such as Raekwon, Mos Def, Q-Tip, Jim Jones, Pharoahe Monch, and a few others.

Jay-Z Hosts New York Yankess Victory Party at 40/40 Club

Jay-Z hosted a victory party for the Yankees this weekend at his 40/40 Club in New York. Kid Cudi and Chris Rock were among the celebs celebrating the Yanks latest World Series title along side some of the Yankees players themselves.  Check out who attended the party after the jump.

Schwarzenegger Tells State Assembly: “F*** You”

“Earlier this year, he gave a metal sculpture of bull testicles to California’s Senate leader, but now, it seems as if he’s carrying his often-crass sense of humor over to his veto messages.”  After seeing this, you may think this is fabricated or fake.  However, you can look at the actual letter to the state senate at a government website here.  Also, this info came from the Wall Street Journal. 

EA SPORTS NCAA Basketball 10

Usually I’m a 2K guy but since 2K Sports doesn’t make a NCAA basketball game anymore I’ll settle for NCAA Basketball 10 by EA Sports.  I’ll admit this game looks really dope, the gameplay looks a lot smoother/faster then years past which is a good thing, cause lets be honest this game sucked a few years back.  Check out more pics and video after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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