Google Maps Launches A Real Pokemon Challenge For April Fools Day

Google is celebrating April Fools day by creating a real life Pokemon Challenge. Google has inserted hundreds of Pokemon characters into their Google Maps app. Users can search the map and attempt to catch them all. Once you spot one, just zoom in and capture it.  Just don’t let the game distract you while driving. Capturing Pikachu isn’t worth wrecking your car.

Apple Presents: 30 Years of Mac – Take a Look Back At Their Most Iconic Designs

30 Years ago Apple introduced the original Macintosh computer to the public. At the time, most people couldn’t even operate a computer, but the Mac’s simple interface allowed people to easily learn how to use the innovative technology. Fast forward 30 years and Apple is still releasing some the best products by utilizing iconic design and focusing on simplicity. In celebration of the Mac’s 30th anniversary, Apple has unveiled this “30 Years of Mac” series that highlights three decades of tech design.

Class Up Your Playstation 4 With This Wooden Cover

The Playstation 4 looks pretty good as is, except for one thing – it looks just like every other PS4 out there. 


An Illustrated History of Twitter (Video)

Taken an animated look back at how Twitter came to be one of the most popular Social Media networks around. How many of you knew Twitter was created in 2006? 

What was your very first Tweet?

Twitter released a tool that allows you to see the first tweet anyone tweeted.  Just punch in their @username and bam, magic.


Google Unveils Its “Android” Wearable Technology

In Google’s quest to take over your life, they’ve introduced their latest piece of wearable Android technology entitled “Android Wear”. The smartwatch utilizes Google’s Android platform. It will provide users with message notifications, fitness updates, search capability and much more. To get a better idea of how the Google’s smartwatch will work check out the introductory videos below. 

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The Cleveland Cavs have the dopest 3D floor projection system in the NBA (video)

Currently, the Cavs sit 3rd in their division, and 10th in their conference — 5 games behind Atlanta’s 8th spot in the East.  BUT, their pre-game floor projection video is easily the best in the NBA.


The SlatePro Personal Tech Desk Is Designed To Keep You Organized

Keeping your desk organized is a daily struggle. But the SlatePro Personal Tech Desk aims to solve this ongoing problem. It was designed with all of your tech devices in mind. The premium bamboo desk features several docks to house all your tech devices, perforations for easily running wires through it, a built in mousepad, and even a cup holder for your coffee. They pretty much covered all the bases with this one.


Get Better at Sex by Licking Your Phone

Sometimes you don’t always have time to play the full 18 holes.  So what do you do?  You go to the driving range to practice your stroke.  (See where I’m going with this analogy?) The driving range is to your golf game what the Lick This App is to your oral sex game.  Practice makes perfect.  Strengthen the (in)appropriate body parts and commit pro technique to muscle memory.  All made possible by this web app.     If you’re gonna sit there and try to tell me that your tongue game isn’t worth practicing, why don’t you have a look at these lovely licking ladies and think again.           source: realclear


adidas Originals and Monster Collaborate on New Collection of Headphones

Beats by Dre may currently dominate the headphones market, but Monster is quickly gaining ground. In their most recent collaboration, Monster has joined forces with adidas Originals for a new collection headphones. The collection consists of a over-ear headphones and ear buds. The over-ear headphones will be available in Black, White, or Blue. The ear buds were designed with athletes in mind. They feature a patented Sportsclip to keep them in place and a sweat-proof design. With the headphones being produced by Monster, you can expect nothing but the highest quality. 

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Trust me. You want to watch this a capella rendition of “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out”

I literally can’t stop watching YouTuber Smooth McGroove DOMINATE this layered a capella Punch Out theme song.

Gábor Balogh Shows Us the Future of Smart Watches

For now this is just a concept, but this looks brilliant.  Gábor Balogh put together this smart watch concept using a TRIWA Watches silhouette.  Would you guys rock a smart watch that looked like this?  Check out Gábor’s Behance page here.

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