Introducing AirType: The Invisible Keyboard

While technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, one thing has pretty much stayed the same: the keyboard. People have been typing the same way for almost 150 years. Until now that is. AirType is a new product that aims to render the keyboard obsolete. AirType uses wearable technology to learn how you type, adapts to your movements, and allows you to keep your old habits. The device also has dynamic text prediction and corrections similar to your iPhone. This means less errors and faster typing. Check out how it works below and head over to the AirType website for more info. 


“Magic Phone Stand” – Levitating Phone Charger

This stiff-but-bendy USB charge cable will turn plenty of heads and start many conversations as you appear to levitate your phone whilst charging it.  The fun and simple concept also has practical application… allowing you to lift your device up off the table and adjust the angle at which it faces.


Sneakhype Select Series: Tego Power “Power Grid”

We’ve all grown incredibly attached to our electronics, and maybe that’s a bad thing, maybe it’s a good thing.  Who knows.  One thing I do know, the more we use our favorite electronics, the faster they die.  I’m constantly charging my iPhone throughout the day, and I think I now have the solution thanks to Tego Power.

Apple Prototypes from the 1980s

Ahhh, the olden days of technology, what fun you were.  Here’s a look at some Apple prototypes from the 1980s.  It’s crazy to think that back then these were probably considered very futuristic.  I need that headset/watch phone combo, that is ill.  These are all from the book, Keep It Simple, by Hartmut Esslinger.


Beats Solo2 Headphones Have Arrived

Beats have dropped their newest version of the Solo headphones.  These are the new lightweight, Solo2 headphones with improved acoustics.  Available now for $199 here.


Introducing Marbel: The Lightest Electric Skateboard in the World

This is Marbel, the world’s lightest electric skateboard.  It weighs just 9 pounds, and can go up to 20mph.  One charge of the vehicle can help you travel 10+ miles.  Personally, I think this takes all the fun out of skateboarding, but if it’s your thing then check out their Kickstarter here.


adidas miCoach Smart Ball Helps you Train Better

adidas just released their new miCoach Smart Ball on their online shop.  The Smart Ball helps you track how hard it’s been hit, the flight trajectory, and the ball spin all on the accompanying application for iPhone or iPod Touch.  The ball is available here.


Apple to Buy Beats Electronics for $3.2 Billion

In case you haven’t heard the news, tech giant, Apple, is in the process of buying Beats Electronics for a whopping $3.2 billion.  Great news for Dr. Dre, bad news for Dr. Dre fans.  As if it hasn’t taken the music legend long enough to put out his Detox album, he’ll have even less of a reason to finish it now.  It’ll be interesting to see what Apple’s plans are for the audio company.  With rumors of an iWatch, and a bigger screened iPhone on the way, Apple is looking to make some serious moves over the next couple years.

Get Your Retro Gaming on With the Analogue Nt

Now don’t get me wrong here, I love playing old school video games just as much as the next man, but is this Analogue Nt machine really worth it?  It’s absolutely an amazing piece of technology, and it decimates all emulators & crappy replica systems on the market.  The only thing is it’s more than an PS4 & the same price as an Xbox One.  I don’t want to knock these guys, because there’s something special & nostalgic about classic video game systems like the NES, so you guys tell me is it worth it?


Kevin Spacey Stars In The New “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” Trailer (Video)

Kevin Spacey steals the show in the new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Spacey channels his inner Frank Underwood as he paces around his office sharing his thoughts on Democracy. Apparently the House of Cards star will serve as the games antagonist who controls a rogue private military that is attempting to overthrow the government. Take a look. 

Jump Start Your Car with the Impossibly Small JUMPR (or just charge your phone)

JUMPR is a 7-ounce external battery that’s barely bigger than a cell phone, yet it packs enough of a power punch that it can actually jump start a car.  


mophie Power Reserve for iPhone 5/5s ($50)

I’ve seen so many people that load up their keychains with useless & unnecessary decoration.  Why not put something on there that will come in handy more times than you can count?  mophie’s Power Reserve is a great option that will give you an extra 50% charge on your iPhone, and won’t bulk up your keychain too much.  Head here to grab one for yourself.

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