Incredible Apple iWatch Concept by Todd Ham

Taking some cues from the Nike+ FuelBand, Todd Ham designed this amazing iWatch concept.  No one really knows what the upcoming iWatch from Apple will look like, but I definitely think this would be solid route to go.  Check out all the details on the concept here.

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Beats Music Officially Unveiled

After revealing that they were working on a music-streaming service last week, Beats has officially launched its new venture – Beats Music. The service will feature a curated selection of music from a variety of “tastemakers” including Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and more. Other notable features include a “Just for You” function that chooses music for you based on your preferences, the time of day, and other contextual clues. Users will also be able to find music based on artist, genre, curators. Beats Music is available for all platforms. The service costs $10 a month. Head over to the Beats Music website for more info.

Increase Your iPhone Memory With the mophie Space Pack

One of the main gripes I’ve always heard about it when it comes to Apple, is the iPhone memory.  ”It’s not expandable.  You have to delete stuff to make room for new stuff.  Waaaa.”  Yada yada.   Well, in comes well-known accessory brand, mophie, to introduce the Space Pack.  Not only is the Space Pack a built in battery case, but it’s going to let you add 16 or 32 GBs to your iPhone memory.  Pre-order yours here.

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Pebble Steel ($249) – New ePaper Display Watch for Smartphones

You may remember the original Pebble.  Much like the Paperwhite display of the Amazon Kindle, the Pebble and Pebble Steel both feature a digital face that can


Win 2 Duracell Powermats From SNEAKHYPE

If you like free stuff, you’re going to love this. We’ve hooked up with Duracell to give away 2 of their Powermat systems. The two winners will each receive one Powermat system.


Vine Launches Web Profiles

Twitter’s video platform (and the app that sparked Instagram to add video to its own offering), Vine, just launched web profiles.  

What Vintage Game Consoles Would Cost In Today’s Dollars

Here’s a look at pretty much every major gaming console that’s released over the last 30-some years, and what they would cost in today’s dollars due to inflation.  Kind of surprising to see a couple on there around $1000.

12 Free Gifts from Apple for the Holidays

Apps, music, games, videos and more.  

24 Carat Gold-Plated Xbox One Available For Just Under $10K

If the new Microsoft Xbox One was not expensive enough for you, then I have the perfect thing for you.  Harrods will be selling a 24 carat gold-plated Xbox One that is only $9780.  Their London location has it on display in case you want to check it out in person.


The Best iPhone Keyboard Case in the World

I don’t know that this is actually “The Best iPhone Keyboard Case in the World”, but that’s what Typo Products claims.  If you miss your old BlackBerry, or just missing having a physical keyboard, then this might be for you.  You can pre-order now for $99.


#TakeCharge With the Duracell Powermat System

Duracell and Powermat have joined forces to revolutionize wireless charging for your smartphone. Duracells’s “24-Hour Power System” aims to keep your phone charged all day long. The Powermat system consists of several wireless charging devices including an iPhone case, a charging mat, and a portable charger. They’ve also partnered with Starbucks and Jay Z’s 40/40 club which will both have Powermat stations available throughout the establishments. The PowerMat system works for both the iPhone and Samsung products.

Charge Multiple iPhones With the Foaster

The Foaster by Covena Design is dubbed the best dock since sliced bread.  The Foaster is a charging dock for your iPhones that eliminates clutter, and looks great in the kitchen.  The project is on Kickstarter now, check it out.


Beats By Dre x Undefeated – Studio Headphones

I might have to add these to my Christmas list.  Undefeated and Beats By Dre recently unveiled these Studio headphones in an olive colorway that features the Undefeated logo across the top.  They’re not available yet, but you can have them notify you when they release.  Hit their webstore here.

Pencil – the most advanced iPad stylus yet

With pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, Bluetooth, active ‘palm rejection’ and a paired award-winning app, Pencil by 53 claims to be the best stylus technology available on the market today.  50 bucks.

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