The Ultimate Onesie Has Built-In Wi-Fi, GPS, and MP3 Player

Oh man.  This is just incredible.  Forget a smartphone, you need this onesie.  Borre Akkersdijk is the designer behind this technologically advanced onesie.  It’s called the BB.Suit and it contains Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, and a MP3 Player.  Read more about the project over on Wired.

See Who’s Tweeting the F-Bomb In Real Time

It’s 7:30 a.m. after a rather aggressive Thirsty (Thigh Gap) Thursday and you have to get up for work/school/some other bullshit. Or maybe your roommate ate those delicious leftovers you’ve been thinking about all day. Or, god help you, you just found out the chick you’ve been seeing isn’t into SNEAKHYPE. We feel your pain. In those scenarios, and many, many others, there’s only one word that’s going to get the job done. It’s short. It’s to the point. It’s lethal. It’s FUCK. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your quest to fuck everything. There’s a whole world of people dropping F-bombs on Twitter that share your disdain or enthusiasm for the world around them. Thanks to, you can see where the F-bomb is being dropped in real time. Explore this wonderful world of fuck and find some new uses for the word, see how many fucks are given in Mongolia, or just use it as therapy.


How One Dude Hacked Tinder To Get Over 2000 Matches

Blake Jamieson is a 29 year old that — like many others — uses Tinder to meet people.  He quickly found that Tinder is a lot more fun when he had hundreds of chicks blowin’ up his inbox.  So how’d he do it?  

Pointer Pointer finds your cursor every. single. frikkin’. time!

How did the Internet go so long without this?  Studio Moniker developed this little widget/game/dealio where you just move your mouse around, then pause — then it loads an image that points DIRECTLY at your cursor.  I mean, it just NAILS it every time. 


Never Go To The Store Again With Amazon Dash

There are so many reasons to hate grocery shopping. For starters, getting off your ass and scouring 76 aisles for a bag of Combos is insanity. But that’s not as bad as going through an hour of crowded misery only to forget one of the things you came for. Amazon is trying out a new product called Amazon Dash to help us avoid all that shit. Dash is a small device that you can speak into and scan barcodes to ensure all the items you need get added to your Amazon account. You still need to log in via computer, tablet, or phone to order the items, but they’ll already be in your shopping list so you won’t forget the staples like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The 6 x 1-inch device is easily portable and connects to a wi-fi network. For now, Amazon Dash is available by invitation only, so you have to know somebody who knows someone who has Dash to get your hands on one. Amazon Dash is part of an innovation push from the company, as it also recently launched Amazon Fire TV and teased us with future delivery drones.  

Micro 3D Printer Has Raised $2.6 Million with 22 Days Left on Kickstarter

This is pretty crazy.  “Oh, let’s just set a goal of $50,000, that should be good.”  With 22 days left in this Micro 3D Printer Kickstarter campaign, they have surpassed their $50,000 goal by $2,633,277 so far.  Deemed “the first truly consumer 3D printer”, it will be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.  Head over to their Kickstarter, pledge $299, and you can own one of these bad boys for yourself.


The Most Insane Truck Ever Built

Bran Ferren is the brains behind this project, and 4 years were put into making this incredibly bad ass recreational station of a vehicle.  The main thing in mind when it came to this exploration vehicle:  his 4-year-old daughter.  They are planning to taking this on some excursions together in California, the Mojave Desert, and possibly Canada & Europe.  He has invested millions into this thing, and when it’s put to use later this year, he thinks it will be the elaborate all-terrain vehicle ever built.  Check out the full article over on Wired.


Introducing The Smart Basketball From Wilson

Wilson didn’t invent the smart basketball (one already exists) but they did make it better.


This Electric Big Wheel Is Every 90′s Kid Dream Come True

Have you ever heard of “Trike Drifting”? Apparently it’s a real sport and, according to the makers of this electric trike, it’s taking the world by storm. So here we have a detailed look at the Verrado Electric Drift Trike. It’s the Lamborghini of all the drift trikes. It boasts a MagicPie 3-hub brushless motor (whatever that is) and a lithium cobalt manganese battery. This bad boy has enough power to provide you with hours of fun, just like when you were a kid. Head over to the Verrado Kickstarter page for more info and to purchase your own.


iPhone Amplifier Made From Blown Glass

iPhone amplifiers are a dime a dozen these days, but few of them were are made from handcrafted blown glass.

Watch Out Apple TV: Introducing Amazon Fire TV

I love my Apple TV, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made.  However, I might be trading it in for this new tiny black box from Amazon*.  The Amazon Fire TV is the same cost as an Apple TV, but it was also double as a gaming machine.  Now, don’t go expecting it to be a PS4 for the price of $99, but it does feature 2GBs of Ram & a quad-core processor.  The Amazon Fire TV is available now, and so is the gaming controller.


Google Maps Launches A Real Pokemon Challenge For April Fools Day

Google is celebrating April Fools day by creating a real life Pokemon Challenge. Google has inserted hundreds of Pokemon characters into their Google Maps app. Users can search the map and attempt to catch them all. Once you spot one, just zoom in and capture it.  Just don’t let the game distract you while driving. Capturing Pikachu isn’t worth wrecking your car.

Apple Presents: 30 Years of Mac – Take a Look Back At Their Most Iconic Designs

30 Years ago Apple introduced the original Macintosh computer to the public. At the time, most people couldn’t even operate a computer, but the Mac’s simple interface allowed people to easily learn how to use the innovative technology. Fast forward 30 years and Apple is still releasing some the best products by utilizing iconic design and focusing on simplicity. In celebration of the Mac’s 30th anniversary, Apple has unveiled this “30 Years of Mac” series that highlights three decades of tech design.

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