iPhone 3G Limited Diamond deluxe Gold Edition

Check out the Apple iPhone 3G limited Diamond deluxe Gold Edition which is wrapped in 24k gold, brought together with an 18k Gold Sayn Design crown, which is decorated with 0.20 carat brilliant cut diamonts. The German designed Apple iPhone 3G limited Diamond deluxe Gold Edition also includes 53 (50 carat) diamonds. Installed with all the basic features of the iPhone 3G and Sayn Design themes and background pictures, the limited edition luxury phone will come in a limited edition of 500, each of which will come wrapped in an exclusive wooden box”.  More pics after the jump [bornrich]

iPod Ghetto Blaster

This thing looks sick — unfortunately though, it’s gotten terrible reviews from Amazon purchasers.  Both reviews gave it 1 star and said that the sound quality is real bad for what you pay, and it takes 10 (count ‘em: ten) D batteries…. AND both said that once they got the batteries in there, it wouldn’t even play.  So you have to have it plugged in, it’s fairly expensive, and the sound quality is bad.  But if you still have to have it, you can get it at Amazon.  It’s called the Lasonic iPod Boombox i931. 

Skullcandy Girls

Have some nice pics of the Skullcandy girls for you all, via the guys over at Rad Collector.  I like them all, each girl, if any of you Skullcandies are single, holler at me!  Enjoy all the pics after the jump.

Apple Tablet PC Slated for September Release

We normally don’t like to perpetuate gadget-hype rumors and whatnot, but I feel like this could be the exception to the rule.  According to the Financial Times and Gizmodo, Apple’s been working with some fools on some collabo features, and such work indicates that their new tablet (basically a 10 inch iPod touch) will be released in the near future — they’re saying September, because that’s when the new iPods are droppin too apparently.  Most of the new tiny little PC laptops (netbooks) have been retailing at like 5 hundo or less.  If this new Apple one is under 500 bucks as well, you better bet yours truly is coppin one.  Here’s one thing I don’t know about though: it’s going to run iPhone OS… meaning it’s basically going to function like a huge iPod touch.  Now, if this is the case, then I wouldn’t be able to use word processing or excel which would severely limit this baby’s productivity.  The OS would also make it difficult (or impossible) for me to post shit on Sneakhype, and since I already have a miniature one of these tablet things (the iPhone), it would essentially be pointless for me to get one. … More →

Snoop Dogg X Skullcandy Headphones

Now you have no need for a bandana, just throw on your blue bandan print Skullcandy’s and your good to go.  Honestly though, these do look super clean.  They also display a Snoop Dogg doing the crip walk emblem.


Samsung Watchphone

Called the S9110, this bad mother is about to be the tinyest, and most ballin smartphone on the planet.  My question is… Do you have to wear a bluetooth headset all the time, or do you hold this thing up to your face or what?  I think texting on it would be quite a bitch, AND texting and driving would now mean BOTH hands off the wheel.  Regardless of any of this, I would still rock this out to the clizzubs, feel me?  It releases in France later this month for a lil over six hundo.


Nike+ SportBand

It tracks calories, miles, pace, and a whole bunch of other health shit.  I think it looks cool.  Apparently it’s got a pretty sophisticated background behind the display that is white so it’s real easy to see.  I just think it looks cool.  It comes with a sensor you put in your shoe too.  It just came out today so you can be the first to rock one at they gym.  Buy it for 60 bucks here. 

Blacked Out Wii

DOPE.  This bad mother drops August 1 in Japan.  If you are in Japan, or you speak Japanese, you can get one here.  I bet, though, that they’ll start to show up on eBay for like 2G’s in the middle of August.  You heard it first, right here at Sneakhizzy dot dizzy com.  [via likecool]

FingerBeat for iPhone/iPod

Awesome app.  FingerBeat is the most advanced beat machine you can get for your iPhone or iPod touch.  It’s got a pretty sweet interface that has lots of capabilities — check out this video:

Stealth MacBook Pro

As all real Sneakhypers know, the word “Sneakhype” is used not only as a noun, but also as an adjective.  (e.g. dem new Jordan fours are definitely Sneakhype).  Well this custom Stealth MacBook Pro is so so… so Sneakhype.  Blacked out matte finish all over… but the best part: the backlit keyboard — a soft blue glow.  Check it out:


Metallic Lego iPod Speakers

I was quite geeked on the first versions of the LEGO iPod docks that came out, and now there’s more.  If you don’t already have one, you should probably get one.  It might just be the dopest iPod accessory available. 

Pocket Retro Game Emulator

Dude.  F yes.  Every classic game from your childhood on one handheld device?  100 bucks.  If I hadn’t just spent 215 bucks on a fresh jacket, I would totally buy this instantly.  Backordered til the 28th.  Buy it here.  via Uncrate.

Mercedes Benz – Folding Pushbike

I’ve always been a fan of Mercedes, this bike does not shake my faith in them whatsoever.  If i lived in NY i would own one of these for sure.  [kanyeuniversity]

Star Wars USB Drives

The C3PO one is pretty dope — the insert part is colored gold.  I could also rock a wookie flash drive no doubt.  All are availabe and 20 bucks each.  Not shabby.  Pick them up here.  via Kineda

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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