Super Mario Bros for Wii – Shit Yeah

4 players.  Helicopter hat and penguin suit?  Shit yeah!  I mean, I like games like Halo and Call of Duty and whatnot, but I tend to get more excited about the games that 7 year olds like… probably because I suck at video games, thus I feel so accomplished when I romp Bowser’s weak ass.  This new Super Mario Bros for Wii is dropping November 15th, and looks siiiick.  Preorder it for 45 bucks right now at Amazon.  Check out the bomb-ass preview video here.


Cyberbike for Wii… Seriously?

OK… if you’re fat, or have a fat kid… buy a Wii already.  Nintendo is about to bring a real-ass stationary bike into your living room so your Halloween candy-lovin fat ass can burn some calories.  Set to drop in January, and apparently it’s supposed to work with other driving games like Mario Kart, too.  WiiTreadmill is next… I’m callin it right now.


TwitterPeek for Twitter Freaks

200 dollars can now buy you free Twittering for life.  No monthly fees, no Wi-Fi or cell phone connection necessary.  Just Twitter in your hand and in your face all day every day.  I guess I’m going to need a man-purse now to put all my shit in though.  Ah, who am I kidding… I already have one… I don’t use it though.  I love women.  Titties and boobs and underage girls and consensual male-female or male-female-female sex. 

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BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch

A must-have for any blackberry owner.  This slick wristwatch vibrates to alert you, and allows you to read emails, text messages, see who’s callin’ you, etc. right from your frikkin watch.  I’ll have to wait for the iWatch, but until then… I’m pretty jealous.  You can order yours here. 

PS3 x Netflix

If you still don’t have a PS3… it’s really hard not to justify the new $300 price tag now that this new deal they got goin’ with Netflix is about to go live.  Netflix is teaming up with Sony — PS3 owners will be able to stream Netflix movies straight to their TV.  Great idea.  Initially, this service will require a disc, but will eventually just happen over your Internet connection.  If you have a PS3, sign up to be the first to receive the free disc here. 


Droid by Motorola

It was only five years ago when Motorola released the extremely popular Razor, those days Motorola pretty much had complete control of the cell phone market.  Nowadays, Motorola is struggling to keep up with the smart phone/touchscreen competition, but today Motorola announced it’s first smart phone featuring Android 2.0 which will be a first on the Verizon network.  The phone will feature a 3.7-inch touchscreen, 5MP camera (with 4x zoom and autofocus), and much more. The Droid will be released on 0ct 28th and might just bring Motorola back on top.  More pics after the jump.


The Beats Solo Headphones

Don’t wanna spend $300 on a pair of Beats by Dre? Introducing the new Beats Solo Headphones model that retail at $220.  The headphones feature a ControlTalk functionality for swapping between your phone calls and your music.  More info here.

The New iForeman Grill From Apple

I lied.  Yes… it looks a lot like a Foreman grill, but it’s actually the new Mac Magic Mouse.  69 dollars can buy you the mouse of the future.  You’ll never need to scroll ever again.  It has mac trackpad technology built into it.  It’s now shipping with all new iMacs… (which are frikkin sick by the way.  The got a fatty 27 incher that I got my eyes on). 

NIKEiD iPhone App (+ video)

Pretty sick… the app can look at a picture you select on your phone, and import the color swatch from it to select shoe designs that match.  A great utility for getting a pair of shoes that perfectly match your new G-Shock/hoodie/girlfriend’s purse/etc.  Download it here for free. 


OLED Will F–k You Up Son

Heard of OLED (organic light-emitting diode)technology? It’s used in a few cell phones and TVs, it’s pretty much the future of electronics. Screw flat panel plasmas, OLED has significant advantages over LCDs like no back light, clearer picture quality, more efficient, thinner, and did I mention it’s flexible?  Yea it’s the shit, and all the companies like Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba are coming up with ways to use the technology.  The problem is that the technology is extremely expensive, for example a OLED TV sets would cost 10 times as much as equivalent LCD or plasma HDTVs.  So were years away from seeing this in our daily lives but recently Sony came out with this video to show you the possibilities.   Check it out after the jump.

Powermat – Portable Charging Mat

You put your phone on it, and boom… it charges.  You can use it for any electronic device, but I think you have to have a custom attachment for a lot of devices in order for it to work.  It would be sick, though, to just lay your gear on something, and have ‘em charge up.  But, I’m not exactly sure how practical it would be if the devices need attachments.  You can buy it for 99 here. 

NES External Hard Drive

Sweet nostalgia.  160 gigabytes of sweet sweet nostalgia.  Pick yours up here for 120. 

LaCie Sound2PC Speakers

Clean and simple.  Plugs in via built-in USB cables.  Can also plug into your iPod.  Elegantly priced at 99.  Order ‘em here. 

Novation Launchpad

All you music producers out there might like this, especially if your weapon of choice is Ableton Live.  Developed by both Novation & Ableton, its perfect for doing your work in the studio, or if your like myself, DJing some jumpin’ house party.  Anyways check out some closer looks after the jump.

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