NIKEiD iPhone App (+ video)

Pretty sick… the app can look at a picture you select on your phone, and import the color swatch from it to select shoe designs that match.  A great utility for getting a pair of shoes that perfectly match your new G-Shock/hoodie/girlfriend’s purse/etc.  Download it here for free. 


OLED Will F–k You Up Son

Heard of OLED (organic light-emitting diode)technology? It’s used in a few cell phones and TVs, it’s pretty much the future of electronics. Screw flat panel plasmas, OLED has significant advantages over LCDs like no back light, clearer picture quality, more efficient, thinner, and did I mention it’s flexible?  Yea it’s the shit, and all the companies like Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba are coming up with ways to use the technology.  The problem is that the technology is extremely expensive, for example a OLED TV sets would cost 10 times as much as equivalent LCD or plasma HDTVs.  So were years away from seeing this in our daily lives but recently Sony came out with this video to show you the possibilities.   Check it out after the jump.

Powermat – Portable Charging Mat

You put your phone on it, and boom… it charges.  You can use it for any electronic device, but I think you have to have a custom attachment for a lot of devices in order for it to work.  It would be sick, though, to just lay your gear on something, and have ‘em charge up.  But, I’m not exactly sure how practical it would be if the devices need attachments.  You can buy it for 99 here. 

NES External Hard Drive

Sweet nostalgia.  160 gigabytes of sweet sweet nostalgia.  Pick yours up here for 120. 

LaCie Sound2PC Speakers

Clean and simple.  Plugs in via built-in USB cables.  Can also plug into your iPod.  Elegantly priced at 99.  Order ‘em here. 

Novation Launchpad

All you music producers out there might like this, especially if your weapon of choice is Ableton Live.  Developed by both Novation & Ableton, its perfect for doing your work in the studio, or if your like myself, DJing some jumpin’ house party.  Anyways check out some closer looks after the jump.

Robotic Walking Tiles

To be honest, i’m not 100% sure what these accomplish besides when there’s a nasty puddle of who know’s what in your kitchen that you don’t want to walk across.  Either way the concept is pretty dope, these are the first generation and the man behind them, professor Hiroo Iwata, says to expect the next ones to be able to similate more a of near reality situation.  Watch the video after the jump.


LEGO Electronics

You can buy all this stuff here.  I’d probably roll with the blue boombox you’ll see after the jump.  Peep it: 


Light Art By A Robot Vacuum

I used to think elephants painting with their trunks was cool when I was a kid.  (You can’t see it, but I’m currently making the jack-off motion with my hand and just typing with my left.)  F–k elephants.  It’s the 21st century, bra.  Introducing abstract art by a tiny robot vacuum.  Check it: 

BOSE SoundDock 10

When it comes to iPod docks, the BOSE system is the G-est of the OG’s.  Here’s the new and improved version that you can modernize your living space with for a mere six hundo.  Now featuring an integrated subwoofer.  You can buy it here.  Just as a side note: will you please tell everyone you know about the dopeness that is, please?  See, my job is to find fresh shit that people want to buy.  I do this every day of my life.  Naturally, I, more than the average person, want to buy a lot of shit.  And I can’t buy this here freshness unless I have a lot more disposable income.  So I need you to tell everyone you possibly can about this website, so that I can start raking like 10K/day.  Hey, it’s in your best interests, too: if we start making that kind of skrilla, we’re going to start doing mad giveaways and whatnot.  So get on the facebook, tweet this shit.  The revolution shall be swift and… uh.. revolutionary BIIIITCH. 


DIANA F+ CMYK Film Camera

These little trendy film cameras with the bigass external flashes are becoming a pretty hot item as of late.  So hot right now.  I have no use whatsoever for a film camera, but I would imagine that some of our more artistic Sneakhypers may.  If you’re going to rock a film camera ’round your neck at a house party, you better make sure it’s tricked out in some fly colors like this one.  So pick this thing up here.  

Customize Your PS3 Slim

Well this is F-in dope.  Now you can own a brand new PS3 Slim AND customize it out however you want… and all in all, it will cost you less than what the original PS3 used to cost.  Siiiick.  You use an interface similar to NIKEiD, and pick all your colors and reflectiveness.  You can either send yours in or buy one fresh.  Do it up right here.  

Sony Vaio “X Series” Laptops (video)

I’ve been a Mac man for a few years now, and I don’t think I’ll ever turn back until Sneakhype sells out to corporate (fingers crossed) and I get to work in a cubicle.  When that day comes, and the office is set up with PC’s… you can bet I’ll be rockin’ this X series in my briefcase. It’s supposed to be under 2 G’s and mad portable (obviously).  


MacBook Covers by Vinylville

The name of the lead image here is “Bustin’ a Nut”.  Ha.  It is one of several clever Mac laptop covers by Vinylville.  All reasonably priced at like 11 to 14 bucks.  You can check them all out and buy them here.  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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