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We were wondering what to do with all these shoeboxes full of cash in our storage closet… so here’s what we did.  We bought 6 keys of blow, sold it to some 13 year old girls, made a 400% profit, and then bought this phone encrusted with 205 diamonds.  [bornrich]

Apple Releasing a Touchscreen Netbook This Summer?

Rumors continue to circle that Apple will be releasing a Touchscreen notebook dubbed the “Netbook”, with a report from the Commercial Times.  They say you can expect the Netbook in Quarter 3 of this year. Dope. Apple rumors happen all the time, so what makes this any different from the others? The information comes from Wintek, the company slated to provide the touch panels for the device, the netbook itself will be made by Quanta Computer.  These are the same people who broke the news on the iPhone, so don’t be suprised if it comes true.  Is this the design for the netbook? No, but it will be dope if it’s anything like this.  More news in the near future. [gizmodo]

Lego iPod Speakers

You can get the fatty dock, or the lil lego you just pop on the bottom and start bustin some beats.  You can plug in any iPhone or iPod and get to bumpin.  Pick up the big ‘ol dock here, and the mini guys here.  They are about 65 bucks and 25 bucks respectively. [retrotogo]

Nintendo NES/SNES Game System

Dude… I thought that I would never be able to play all the classics ever again… but now I can play all of them from the throwbacks of the SNES to the throw-waaaaay-backs of the NES.  Guess how much this thing costs… Guess.  Wrong.  45 bucks, son.  You can pick it up from Amazon. [uncrate]

P-Per Mobile Phone by Chocolate Agency

Is this the next iPhone? No, but it is a very dope design concept by Chocolate Agency. The P-Per Mobile phone is the future and you know Sneakhype loves future.  “P-Per is made out entirely of sustainable materials, such as extruded polycarbonate to cope with its physical functions (body, screen protection, unique click); hypoallergenic and recyclable titanium parts; the e-paper screen to display images with no distortions, and without the need of power supply; and an Organic Radical battery that is free from heavy metals. It is at once advanced and simple, green and unique”-likecool.  More pics after the jump. [likecool]

Focal XS Speaker System

iPod dock.  Matches the new iMacs.  Apparently the sound quality is off the hook and the chain.  You can get the system at the Apple Store, but it will set you back 60,000 pennies.  That’s six hundred bucks. [kineda]

Sony Ericsson Idou Phone – 12 Megapixel Camera Touch Phone

After the huge failure of Sony’s “The Stupid Box Thing”, they have decided to go in another direction with the release of a 12 megapixel camera touchphone. I know what your thinking, is 12 megapixel’s the first thing I’m looking for in a touch phone? No. But is it some sick stuff? shit yea.   Other features include Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and Turbo 3G, expect the phone to be available the 2nd half of 2009. Full video tour after the jump. [likecool]

New Benny Gold Background

I’m posting this because a long time ago I put up this Benny Gold Skyline background for the iPhone but didn’t tell anyone where to get it.  Well I got a new background for all you Benny Gold enthusiasts out there.  This Paper Planes background is dope, just save the picture and then put it as your iPhone background it’s that simple. Enjoy.

Deadmau5 Touch Mix

I saw this new iPhone App yesterday which looks pretty sweet, it’s called Deadmau5 Touch Mix.  The DJ application is now availabe for only $2.99 on the iTunes store it features 10 tracks, and allows users to mix and scratch any way they please. Buy it here. [dailydrop]


Sony Releases Revolutionary Product

As you all know Sneakhype loves to keep you updated on all the latest gadgets coming out from Panasonic to Apple.  This time it’s Sony who have just released a revolutionary machine called “The Stupid Box Thing”.  Check out the video to get the whole rundown on this amazing product. [onionnews]

Custom Mac Keyboards

You can get custom stickers for your new mac keyboards for 30 bucks.  Yet another dope idea from Your Daily Dose of Dopeness (yours truly), that can up your flyness in no time and for little cost.  Buy the kit here.  [yankodesign]  Check out some more pics after this link:

Macbook Pro in 24kt Gold

So I just got my Macbook Pro back in the mail today. I took pictures and posted them up so you can see that I decided to dip my laptop in 24k gold.  I took all my gold chains and jewelry and melted them into a liquid form and dipped that shit like it was chocolate son, I call it Macbook Gold.  It almost cost me 6 g’s but it aint nothing to me. I got it done at a place called Computer Chompers ,check it out, they can do it anyway you want with just about every apple product.

Toshiba TG01

Toshiba recently announced thier new smartphone the Toshiba TG01.  It looks exactly like the iPhone but a little bigger. It’s got all the goodies like a 9.9mm thick and use Windows Mobile 6.1 and Toshiba’s own 3D user interface. It includes a  3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, GSM, 3G HSPA, WiFi, GPS and A-GPS.  The TG01 will be available in the summer. [ilikecool]

Incase Hardshell MacBook Covers

According to our analytics, 21% of our readers have Macs, and according to me, 60% of our readers don’t have Macs, but want one.  So for the 81% of you that are in the market for these covers, they look legitttt.  Incase makes the best mac peripherals; I have had like 3 different cases for my iPhone, and BY FAR my Incase one that I have now is the absolute best.  Buy these here.  [uncrate]

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