Amazon releases “Amazon Echo” – a virtual home assistant

Amazon continues to forge ahead in the consumer electronics industry with their November 6th, 2014 release of Amazon Echo.


Introducing Nixie: The First Wearable Camera that Can Fly

Upgrade ya selfie game son.  Nixie is a new wearable camera that flies very similar to a drone.  When it’s not flying around taking pictures, it sits nicely on your wrist similar to a bracelet.  The product recently won a wearable contest by Intel, and took home $500,000 to improve the product & turn it into a reality.  Check out their website here.


Always Keep a Phone Charger Handy with the Key Cable from Native Union

Wherever you go, you basically always have your keys on you, right?  Thanks to Native Union, you can now have a phone charger that goes with you everywhere as well.  This is the Key Cable, and it’s a key chain phone charger that is compact & looks good.  It’s only $29.99, and available in 3 different colors.  Order yours here.


Handwrytten App Has a Robot that Hand Writes What You Type

I love doing hand wrote cards & notes, but I’m going to tell you something.  My handwriting is the absolute worst, and I feel pretty bad when people have to try & make it out what it says.  Not only that, but in this digital age everything is computer screens or typed up & printed out, and there’s not much personalization anymore these days.  In comes Handwrytten, an app that actually has a robot that handwrites letters & cards for you.  Cards start at as little as $5.00, and they’ll send them directly to the recipient for you.  Watch the videos, then check out their website here.


Kodak Introduces PixPro 360° Action Camera

Kodak has stepped into the world of action cameras with their new SP360.  The camera feature 360° action that lets you capture all the good stuff.  The camera is available now for $349, order it on Kodak’s website.  Make sure you watch the video for an example of what the camera can do.


Taco Bell Launches Mobile Ordering App

Taco Bell, arguably the best fast food chain ever, just launched a new mobile ordering app.


The Hemingwrite is the modern typewriter you never knew you needed

Typewriter enthusiasts rejoice! The Hemingwrite is the 21st-century version of the typewriter. The goal is to provide users with a distraction-free experience that foucses on writing. It’s also much more portable than that heavy-ass typewriter you bought at a garage sale two years ago with intention of writing your first novel. The Hemingwrite does have some technological benefits as well. Everything you write is saved to the cloud. Well, I guess that’s the only real technological benefit. But still, this thing is pretty cool.

Amazon Introduces the Fire TV Stick for $39

To combat products like the Google Chromecast & Roku streaming stick, Amazon has introduced the Fire TV Stick.  The stick includes a dual-core processor, 1GB of memory, and 8GB of flash storage.  It’ll provide access to apps like Netflix, WatchESPN, and more.  It’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon right now.

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