Titan Screens Makes the World’s Biggest TVs

Want to become all of your friend’s favorite person?  You should definitely think about investing in a TV from Titan Screens.  They make the “world’s largest & most extraordinary screens.”  The company offers indoor and outdoor options that range from 173″ to 370″.  They’re pretty expensive though, a custom-made 370″ screen recently sold for $1.6 million.


PlayBulb is a Light Bulb & Bluetooth Speaker in One

If only these were a little cheaper I would put one in every lamp in my house.  PlayBulb is an awesome Bluetooth accessory that allows you to play music from any lighting fixture in your house.  There’s an app that you can download along with it that allows you to adjust light brightness, as well as choosing the music that plays through it.  There’s also an option to set the PlayBulb to turn on/off & wake you up with your favorite music.  Available now on Amazon for $89.


E-Cigs? Pssh, Get Your Buzz on with Electronic Marijuana Joints

So, this thing here that you’re feasting your eyes on is the E-Njoint 100% legal & disposable joint.  Apparently, they do not contain any THC (so what’s the point?), yet they’re marketed as a “joint” & display a nifty marijuana leaf on the tip, so I don’t know… you tell me.  They also advertise a rechargeable version, and a vaporizer (neither of which are currently available).  If you’re wanting to try one out, they come in 6 different flavors & the price will only set you back a few nickels more than $12.  Check ‘em out here.


Old People React To Google Glass (Video)

This video is a bit misleading. Young people don’t know how to work Google Glass either.


NOMAD Introduces Carabiner-Sized Charging Cable

NOMAD might have just made the best charging accessory currently on the market.  This is the NomadClip, and it’s a charger for your iPhone/Android/BlackBerry that’s shaped like a carabiner to fit perfectly on your keychain.  Currently, they’re available for pre-order & their only $39.


You Can Now Get A Ride From Optimus Prime Thanks To Uber

Car service app UBER has teamed up with the Transformers franchise to turn your childhood dream into a reality. In the days leading up to June 27th premier of the new Transformers movie, UBER will allow users to be picked up by a customized Western Star semi-truck that has been painted to look like Optimus Prime. To get ride from the transformer just select the “AUTOBOTS” option on the mobile app. Users will be treated to a 15-minute ride in the Transformer. Unfortunately not all of us will have a chance to use the service. It will only be available in select cities including Dallas on June 16, Phoenix on June 19 and Los Angeles on June 21. 

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This Is The World’s First Photoshopped Image: “Jennifer in Paradise”

Photoshop changed the internet as we know it.


Earin Cordless Earbuds are perfect for all your boring classes

I remember when I was in high school, I would day dream about owning something like these.  Why did I never put a plan in motion?  Oh well.  These Earin Cordless Earbuds are perfect for disguising the fact that you’re listening to music, and not paying attention.  Cordless, small, and lightweight; they are perfect for that class with the professor you can’t stand listening to.  Here’s the Kickstarter page where you can learn more.

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