Jamal Crawford Sinks A Half-Court Shot With Ease

Even though it’s only the first round of the NBA playoffs, California has a pretty good rivalry  going on between the Clippers and Warriors, and the first game did not disappoint.

adidas Unveils Short Sleeve NBA Jerseys

Well, this is definitely interesting.  I don’t think I would have ever seen this coming, but on February 22nd, the Golden State Warriors will be rocking these new short-sleeved jerseys.  What’s your guy’s opinion on the new jerseys?

NBA Rookie Brandon Jennings Drops 55 Against the Warriors

Brandon Jennings just dropped 55 points against the Warriors tonight, including 29 in the 3rd quarter.  Damn.  He’s the youngest player ever to drop over 50 points.  Can you say Rookie of the Year?  How about MVP? This dude is having an amazing rookie season so keep an eye on him. Can you believe he did this in Under Armour B-ball kicks? Check out his stat line after the jump.

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