Drifting Motorcycles Crossing – Switch Riders Gymkhana (Video)

Every now & then I wish I was really good at riding like this, but then I realize that I would most likely break every bone in my body.  Stick around for the credits for some wipeouts.


Nigel Sylvester: Get Sylvester – Teaser 3 (Video)

Here’s the third teaser for Nigel’s upcoming project with Network A called Get Sylvester.  In this one they seem to be somewhat intoxicated tearing up a really nice condo.  April 17th, get ready.

#MakeItCount (Video)

Honestly, you just need to watch this.  I could rant & rave about it all day, but you just need to watch it.  10 days, and lots of traveling.  Enjoy.

BMW – Three of a Kind (Short Film)

I was a little skeptical when I clicked play on this, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.  The short film features 3 characters that each embody a generation of the 3-series BMW.  Check it out.


Tom Schaar Lands First-Ever Skateboarding 1080 (Video)

Let me just start off by saying that this dude is 12 years old!  That’s crazy to me.  Professional skateboarders have been trying for years to pull this off, and here comes this new young hot-shot, and boom!  1080 degrees.

Andrew Dickey – Black Bike Vol. 1 (Video)

I could totally do this.  Ok, that’s definitely not true.  This guy is crazy talented on two wheels.  This was filmed in Melbourne, and it’s titled “vol. 1″, so I can only hope that the next one is on it’s way soon.

Wrecking Crew Orchestra Dancing in Lightsuits (Video)

I’m not going to lie, this video takes about a minute to really get started.  You might click ahead to about the 1:20 mark.  Once it gets going though, it’s pretty crazy.  They use these lightsuits to create the illusion of stop-motion dancing.


Shay Maria – Those Planes You’ve Been Driving (Part 2)

I’m pretty jealous of our friends over at Kaloopy Media.  They’re always cooking videos with some of the hottest females around.  This time they have Shay Maria as the main point of attraction.  Be on the look out for part 3 next week.

Frizboys – Frisbee Trick Shots (Video)

Trick shot videos are always fun, especially when they’re actually pretty good.  I’ve always wondered how real they are though.  Wait until you see the part where he throws it up the stairs.

SuriTV – First Look (Video)

So, I know it’s not very smart to poke fun at the Apple gods, but I found this extremely funny.  It’s a pretty spot-on take of what TV would be like with Siri built-in.


Super Sexy CPR (Video)

I don’t know that this is an effective way of teaching someone how to do CPR, but I like where their heads are at.  I was a little distracted for the entirety of the video.  If you’re not quite sure how to perform CPR, and want to learn, you should definitely check out this video.

Amazing Pin Art (Video)

Who wants to make a bet?  I’m going to set the over/under at 17,500 push pins.  Without looking at the video description, try and guess if it was over or under that number.  Apparently he spent time on this every day for around a month to complete it.  Crazy.


Supercharged Mobility Scooter (Video)

Most of us have seen the commercials for the Mobility Scooter company.  I’ve never really had a need for one considering I can still walk just fine on both legs, but after watching this I have to get one.  I don’t know that it is actually “supercharged”, but something was obviously done to tweak it so it can reach 70MPH.


spnKIX (Video)

Just when you think America couldn’t possibly get any lazier, we introduce to you, spnKIX.  Really?  Is this real life right now?  $125,000 has been pledged so you don’t have to do something as simple as walking anymore.  I’m not trying to hate on the creator behind these, I’m just sayin’.

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