SKYFALL (Official Teaser Trailer)

Well, it looks like James Bond makes his return to the big screen in November.  This is the newest Bond flick that features Daniel Craig titled, SKYFALL.  Here is the official teaser trailer to give you a little taste of what it’s going to be like.

Chalk Warfare (Video)

This is a pretty fun & creative video for you to enjoy on this lovely Monday.  Just imagine if this were actually real.  I’d be drawing Kate Uptons, and dollar bills with chalk all day.


Entree LS Summer ’12 – Concrete Jungle Collection (Video)

Our friends over at Entree are bringin’ some dopeness for this year’s summer collection.  Check out the video lookbook to take a peak at what’s coming from them.  Welcome to the Concrete Jungle.

Kayak TV – Spring Sessions (Video)

For starters, this video is going to take about a minute to really get going.  Once it does, it gets pretty sick.  The video was entered for “Best Short Film Of The Year” that’s given out by Kayak TV.

i am OTHER: We’re Here (Video)

Are you weird?  Are you creative?  If so, it seems as if Pharrell may be trying to recruit you.

The New BMW M135i (Video)

This is the second video of this style that I’ve seen from an automobile manufacturer lately.  BMW just dropped this new video showing off their new hatchback model, the M135i.

Baboons Go Nuts For Toughest Car Challenge (Video)

What do you get when you put a Hyundai inside of a zoo with about 30-40 baboons?  Well, watch the video and find out.  I feel bad for whoever had to drive this thing home.

World Of Red Bull (Commercial)

True Life:  I’m Addicted to Red Bull.  I just got scouted for that upcoming program from MTV.  Just kidding, but here’s a pretty inspiring commercial from the folks that give you wiiings.


Kaloopy Media – The Eastern Hollows Catch (Video)

It seems like Kaloopy videos and Hump Day just go hand in hand.  This is another recent one from the good people over at Kaloopy.  It features model Laurie Young.

The Watch (Official Trailer)

I thought this movie was titled, Neighborhood Watch, but I guess they must have changed it.  Here’s the official trailer for the film, The Watch, starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaugh, Jonah Hill, and some guy that I’ve never seen before.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Official Trailer)

I know the gaming world is going crazy tonight.  Here is the official trailer for the new COD game that’s coming out 11.13.12.  Looks pretty epic.


Kate Upton Does the Cat Daddy (Video)

It appears to be a video kind of day today.  This might be the best one yet.  Watch Kate do the “Cat Daddy” is a nice little skimpy bikini.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG (Trailer)

Wow, I thought I was in love with the chick from the Kaloopy video earlier.  I’m truly in love with this new 2013 G63 AMG model.  Check out this video that shows off the crispiness of the automobile.


Get Sylvester – Episode 1 (Video)

Today brings a new show that I’ve been waiting to watch since I heard of it a couple weeks ago.  In this first episode, Nigel and friends are in Barcelona having some fun.  We all have different likes and opinions, but I find this very inpsiring.

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