Hula Cam At Venice Beach California (Video)

This is why I love Venice Beach. 


Microsoft’s “Child Of The 90s” Internet Explorer Ad (Video)

90 seconds of pure Nostalgia. I got to give Microsoft/Internet Explorer some props for this one. 

The Scariest Prank Of All-Time (Video)

I would literally faint on the spot if this happened to me.  Screw LG, because just watching this video made my gut drop.

Bar Refaeli’s Sex Tape Kickstarter (Video)

Put away your credit cards fellas, it’s not real. The people over at Funny or Die put together this kickstarter parody with the help of Bar Refaeli. In the video, Bar Refaeli is apparently looking for a co-star of her own sex tape via Kickstarter. She doesn’t have any trouble raising her goal of $10,000.


Evolution Of Apple – Product History In 3 Minutes (Video)

The title pretty much sums this one up. It’s crazy to see how far Apple has come.

People Are Awesome 2012 (Video)

You guys want to see a bunch of people doing awesome stuff?  Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t even be on our site. This video was put together by Stunts Amazing, and well…  it’s awesome.

Maestro Knows Special Edition – Chris Bosh (Video)

If there is one person in the NBA that I’m not extremely fond of, it would be Chris Bosh…..  until I watched this episode of Maestro Knows.  Watching this video completely changed my perception of him.  As always, great work by Levi.

LRG Presents: Life Colors – Fall 2012 (Video)

This is probably the dopest video I’ve seen from a lifestyle brand.  LRG has been setting the bar high for quite some time now, so I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.  The little kid reading at the beginning is killer.

Chalet Cyanella in the French Alps (+Video)

If I didn’t dislike cold weather & snow so much, this would be my future dwelling for sure.  It’s located in the French Alps, and it is quite amazing.  Be sure to watch the video at the bottom.

PARKOUR Luxembourg (Video)

Every time I see something relating to Parkour, I can’t help but think about the episode from The Office when they do “hardcore parkour”.  This video is absolutely nuts though.  I don’t think I could do a single thing seen in this short that took place in Luxembourg.


Maxim’s 2012 Hot 100 in Under 100 Seconds (Video)

I’m not sure why I would want to see a bunch of hot girls in under 100 seconds.  You got to span that out kind of stuff out into 100 pictures.  Oh well, still a pretty dope video.

Nigel Sylvester – Get Sylvester (Episode 4)

In episode 4 of Get Sylvester, Nigel hits the Gatorade lab for a series of tests.  Then catch him in NYC for the Nike Broadway Bowl.  Motivational stuff.

Best Of Workaholics (Video)

With the return of Workaholics tonight, I figured this video was fitting for today.  I’m guessing this episode tonight is going to be so tight butthole.

Anchorman 2 (Official Teaser Trailer)

An extremely bad quality version of this came out a week or so ago, but today I present to you the official teaser trailer.  How epic is this going to be?

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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