Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan Get A Ride With A Stranger Using The Ride-Sharing App “Lyft” (Video)

This is what happens when Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan O’Brien get a ride with a total stranger using the ride-sharing app, Lyft. Watch as the crew spends the day driving around Hollywood drinking 40s.


The 10 Best Time-Lapse Videos On The Internet

There is no shortage of time-lapse videos out there, but only a handful can be considered great. We did some digging and put together this list of the best time-lapses on the internet.  

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Starring Ben Stiller – Official Trailer (Video)

Ben Stiller stars and directs in this remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The plot revolves around Walter Mitty who leads a boring life and often fantasizes about being a hero and going on adventures. The trailer doesn’t give away much more than that. This set to hit theaters this December.

Paul Rodriguez – The Way Up (Video)

Paul Rodriguez has joined forces with Target for a new installment of their “The Way Up” series — a six part series created by Target which tells the stories of six of the brand’s longtime athlete partners. In the video P-Rod talks about why he became a skateboarder, hist first sponsorship and other milestones of his career. P-Rod is undeniably one of the best in the sport right now and only continues to get better. 

Rooftop Parkour POV (Video)

Professional parkour stuntman James Kingston strapped a camera to his head while he leaped across rooftops around Cambridge. The resulting video provides us with some amazing views of the city.


VESPALOGY: A Look Back at 70 Years of the Vespa (Video)

This 90 second video will take you through all of the designs Vespa has used over the last 70 years. They’ve had some pretty outrageous designs over the years but I think I like  the1976 Vespa the best. Take a look for yourself.

Awkward Handshakes (Video)

There is nothing worse than an awkward handshake.

The History of Typograhpy (Video)

Graphic Designer Ben Barrett-Forrest created this animated short about the history of fonts and typography using 291 Paper Letters and 2,454 Photographs. In all, it took over 140 hours of work to complete. The short video tells the history of typography beginning with Johannes Gutenberg and his “Black Letter” typeface.


ROOK Spring/Summer 2013 “Inspiration” (Video)

ROOK just released this new video detailing the inspiration behind their 2013 Spring/Summer collection. Judging by the video, ROOK decided to get back to the basics when designing their latest collection. Watercolors, colored pencils, and even crayons were all used throughout the design process. It’s cool to take a look into the inspiration behind a collection. Often times, we only see the finished product. 


Check Out The Hundreds New Video Series By Van Styles

The Hundreds and Van Styles have joined forces to create a new video series entitled, V/SUAL. It’s definitely easy on the eyes. Hopefully we see more from this series soon. Take a look.

Stop-Motion Bike Tour Through Brooklyn (Video)

We can’t all live in Brooklyn, but that shouldn’t stop us from taking a tour through the borough. The good people over at Brooklyn Brewery created a this stop-motion bike tour of Brooklyn using over 3,000 photos. Click play and take the tour.


Trinidad James – Female$ Welcomed (Video)

Trinidad James headed to St. James, Trinidad & Tobago to shoot his new video for Female$ Welcomed. It’s going to be tough for James to match the popularity of his hit All Gold Everything, but this is a good start. Check it out.

9FIVE Basketball Trick Shot All-Stars 2013 (Video)

9FIVE is back with a new trick shot video. This time they really stepped up their game. This was all shot in the 9FIVE Eyewear warehouse in San Diego, CA.


DC Shoes – Robbie Maddison’s Air Craft

After much anticipation, DC TeamWorks and Robbie Maddison have finally released their project entitled “AIR.CRAFT.” This project serves as DC TeamWork’s first video.  It was filmed in a military airplane graveyard in Tucson, Arizona and showcases Robbie Maddison’s amazing motorcross skills. 

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