Kicks Hi X Vans

Kicks/HI Hooked up with vans on a collaboration this Chukka Collaboration shoe. The shoes come in a bright green with feux-croc skin on the heel. They cost about $110.00, check them out at their site here.

Vans TNT II Mids

Vans has released the TNT 2 Mids in a few new colorways as of late. As you may know the TNT Mid is the signature sneaker of skateboarder Tony Trujillo, and i think he would happy with the way the new kicks are turning out. I am really diggin these kicks. The Orange and BLue go great together on these sneakers. They should be releasing later this month. [Via Complex]

Vans X CCS Halloween package

Vans hooked with CCS for this Halloween inspired package. The package comes with the Vans “No Skool Mids” in a black and green colorway. The package also comes with a matching skate deck and T-shirt. The green on the shoes glows in the dark of course. Look for this pack at CCS soon.

New Vans Ostrich Chukka

Vans stepped their game up with these slick Ostrich Chukka’s. These are made with real Ostrich skin which is naturally covered with the protruding dots seen in the picture above. They come in black, army green, and the color pictured above. Via Buy vans now.

Featured Amigo –

Yeah yeah yeah… we all know sneakhype‘s got all the latest and greatest and dopest and freshest fashions, art, kicks, and accessories from around the world… BUT, did you know that sneakhype holds no comparison to the lock and the leak that our friends over at has on the newest and only the freshest styles coming from Vans footwear? I bet you didn’t. But that’s what we at sneakhype are here to do… inform you of these little gems. is certainly one of these gems that we are bequeathing to you. ‘Tis been bequeathed. Enjoy.

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Vans – Ladies’ Fall Back to School Picks

Blondie here was nice enough to model these two hoodies for us all. Check out the Striped Zip Front hoody here, and peep the Tonal Check Z/U right here. Unfortunately, her contractual obligations didn’t cover her modeling the Packin Panty Set. And, to keep up with the back-to-school theme, we’ve thrown in the Too Cool For School folder and notebook set.

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