DQM For Vans – Era Canvas & Leather

DQM and Vans just released the Era 59 C&L in a couple brand new colorways – charcoal and tawny port. As always, the Era 59 C&L’s feature a classic combination of heavy 10oz canvas and genuine leather along with a new addition of a unique woven guate stripe lining.

DQM For Vans – New Arrivals

DQM just received a bunch of new Vans that are extremely dope.  To me, Vans are like t-shirts, you can never have too many.  There’s even a couple pair in here specifically for the ladies.

Vans California Holiday ’12 Sk8-Hi Reissue – American Flag

Oh yes.  I definitely need these.  I love Vans, and I love almost anything American flag themed.  These are available now, but in limited quantities, so act fast.

DQM & Vans – Wovens

I love exclusive collaborations between DQM and Vans.  This most recent project features 2 classic Vans silhouettes with suede quarter pieces that were woven by hand.  They’ll be releasing November 29th exclusively at The Vans DQM General in SoHo, and on DQM’s online shop.

Vans Holiday ’12 Apparel Collection

Most people know that Vans has been crushing the footwear game for awhile now.  I feel like for some reason their clothing is extremely underrated though.  Hopefully this new collection for this year’s holiday season wakes people up.

Vans LXVI Fall/Winter – Red & Gray Pack

It’s good to see the new Vans models in some new colorways.  This Red & Gray pack just recently dropped, and is available now on Van’s online shop.  I own way too many pairs of red shoes, but I suppose I could always use more, right?

Sneaker Sunday (Weekly Recap)

NFL Sunday is so captivating that I completely slipped on the last 2 Sneaker Sunday’s.  I vowed early in the week that I would not let you down this week.  Enjoy, and go Chiefs!

Vans California Authentic CA – Birds

These are probably my favorite shoes that I’ve seen for these upcoming Fall & Winter seasons.  I’m obsessed with the “Bird” print on them.  They should start showing up to retailers any day now.  This does make me remember that today is the last day of Summer though, and that kind of sucks.

Supreme X Vans Metallic Pack – Old Skool & Chukka

Supreme and Vans have collaborated once again on this new Metallic Pack. The pack includes two classic Vans silhouettes, the Old Skool and the Chukka. Both models come in 4 colorways, each featuring premium suede uppers and metallic details.

Vans Rubber Waffle iPhone Case – Glow-In-The-Dark

This is probably the dopest version of the Vans Rubber Waffle case.  Mainly, because I lose my phone in my bed nearly every night, and it would be nice to be able to see it in the dark.

Sneaker Sunday (Weekly Recap)

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a Sneaker Sunday post.  I promise I will be more consistent from here on out.  Here’s a few of my favorites from this past week.

Vans 2012 Rubber Waffle iPhone Case

One of the most popular iPhone cases we’ve seen as of recent is the Rubber Waffle Case from Vans.  Here’s that case in a couple new colors.

Vans Custom Shoes – New Patterns & Colors

With so many so-called “sneakerheads” out there these days, it’s nice that there are still custom shoe avenues to travel on.  Vans just added a gang of new patterns & colors to use when customizing yourself a pair of Vans classics.  Here’s a few different ones that I threw together.

Sneaker Sunday (Weekly Recap)

Most weeks pass by, and we only feature maybe 7-8 pairs of kicks total.  There’s so many other shoes that are announced or previewed that we don’t show love to.  We felt like it was necessary to give you a weekly recap that shows you some of our favorites from the week that haven’t been on the site yet.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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