123Klan Toys

I’m lovin what they got written on them: “Eat Cheese” or “I Love Meat” and “Thug Life”. Brilliant. You won’t find these anywhere else. These are fresh from the mold, 123Klan toys. Check out the full line of new toys here. But you can check out all their products (tees, art, etc.) at 123Klan’s website.


The Hundreds "Adam Bomb" Toy – Available for Purchase

We showed you the first picture released of the toy not too long ago, but now the toy is finally available for purchase… and with that, we’ve got some real good pictures now. You can order him from Caliroots. [via hypebeast]


The Hundreds "Adam Bomb" Toy with Medicom

We got this picture via hypebeast, the only pic on the Internet apparently of the new Hundreds “Adam Bomb” toy. Cool picture except for the rams helmet. (Big ups to Stephen Jackson though.) I really like this toy and I really like the Hundreds. No word on the release date of this product, but we will let you know when we know. That’s what we do, you know. The Hundreds site. Toy made by Medicom Toys. Check out all the Hundreds gear on Sneakhype.

Big Vinyl Yeti

Some of us in the youth-culture circles dig these completely impractical but bitchin little toys. If you are one of those in this circle that I speak of, then you’ll probably like this 9 in tall yeti that you can get along with the corresponding T shirt. Check it out. [via uncrate]

Toys from Paxanga

Just got an email from this dude over at Paxanga, which is a company over in Spain that is really bringing the freshness. They have all sorts of eye candy to check out; you can bet that we at sneakhype will throw up a whole bunch of stuff from them in the future. For now, here are some dope toys we found real quick. They are priced fairly, and you can get them here.

New Kidrobot Toys

Kidrobot will be releasing some new figurines next month for their fall line of PEECOL toys. One of the first to be dropped will be the PEECOL version of Hugh Hefner wearing his signature red smoking jacket and sailor hat. Along with Hugh, Kidrobot will release the 1978 Miss November, Monique St. Pierre, in Toy form as well. Look for these to be released at Kidrobot next month.[Via Highsnobiety]

Kidrobot Toys

Kidrobot doesn’t only deal in clothing, they also make some sick “toys” as well. These figurines can barely be called toys, they are more like action figures on drugs. These creative pieces of art range from 6 to 20 inches in size and range from $7.00 – $300.00. Kidrobot has worked with a lot of notable artist and designers on their huge selection of toys. They are all pretty dope check out their collection here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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