Nike – Cortez Double Pack

Talk about a two-fer.  2 purrs of Nikes in one box.  It’s like Christmas in February.  I say Feb and not Jan, because they don’t release until valentine’s day.  The pack also comes with a couple toys (as seen above)… so it’s actually more like Chanukah than Christmas, because you get 4 shoes, 2 toys, and 1 big box.  [highsnobiety] Detailed looks and link to pre-order below.

EASY HEY X Artoyz Originals – KID ONION

At 12 cm tall, this little guy comes in 5 different colorways — each limited to 100 pieces.  Check out the different colors and where to buy them after the jump.

Medicom Toys – Terminator Slavtion Bearbrick

Medicom looks to celebrate the new Terminator Salvation movie by releasing these new Bearbrick toys. The toys are are pretty large and feature some light up eyes as well as a metallic silver paint job making it look a lot like the Terminators in the movie. Purchasing info is after the jump. [Hypebeast]

Scion X Giant Robot X Shin Tanaka – Paper Robot Toys

That’s right… Scion the car manufacturer, hooked up with others to bring you these little paper robots that you put together yourself by folding together some pages from Giant Robot’s magazine.  The next one is droppin Feb 9th. [hypebeast, evil monito] Pics of the templates below.

The Next Level of Toy Design

Toys are all the rage.  So hot right now.  You like em, but so does everyone else.  So how do you stay on top?  Lots of lil sneakerheads are gettin down on these things, then BLAOW you smack em in the face with this giant metal robot.  BAM sneakhype’s got you ahead of the game. [kanyeuniversecity] More pics and info below.

Kidrobot Exhibition in London

On January 22, Kidrobot will be putting up an exhibition in a store called Selfridges in London.  They’ll be selling packs of super exclusive toys and clothes.  Definitely worth checking out if you live in London or will be there next weekend.  Check out Kidrobot’s website for more info. [hypebeast] More pics below.


DC X UNKL – Double Label Project

DC is bout to drop these Graphs on Jan 23.  They remind me a lot of the Bok Omni-Lites we showed you about a week ago.  They’re real clean though.  2 colorways (other one after the jump).  But, what’s perhaps even doper than the kicks is this crazy giant toy from UNKL.  They’re making 450 packs of these goin for 260.  Gotta be in San Diego for the release on the 23rd. [highsnobiety] More pics and info below.

Obama Action Figure – Yes You Can… get one

Who doesn’t like Obama?  No one reading this super fresh online magazine… that’s for damn sure.  Really though, I heard somewhere, like CNN or something that McCain got like 14 and half votes in the election.  I’m not sure if I believe that though… I would’ve guessed more like 8 or 9, but anyways, show even more love for your favorite president-elect by picking up this lil guy for 15 bucks.  [dailydrop] Purchase info after the link below.  More Obama stuff here.


Original Fake Warm Regards Bar

Back in 05 Kaw’s created the Warm Regards character for Beautiful Loser’s exhibition at Orange County Muesuem of Art.  Well now Original Fake and Kaws hooked up to make the Warm Regards Bar. What looks like an ice cream bar is probably some kind of toy and will probably be the design for many more collaborations in the future.  More pictures after the jump.[via kanyeezyuniversity]  

Creamous – The Littles Toys

This little toy is called… wait for it… The Little.  It’s made by Creamous and comes in three colors: purple, yellow, and black.  Retails at 79 USD.  Comes with a little Little backpack. [highsnobiety] All the colorways after the jump.

Coarse Toys – Berlin Exhibition

These dudes… Coarse Toys I mean to say… have the toy design industry in a headlock.  Nobody’s putting out a wider variety of ridiculously dope toys than Coarse.  However, I thought the whole point of the toy industry was to mass produce the products so that everyone could enjoy them… but that certainly can’t happen when certain toys (like the sharkhead dude) retail for fifteen thousand freaking dollars.  Regardless, they’re sick as can be, and you should definitely check out the gallery of pics we got after the jump.  [highsnobiety]

Featured Artist – Mar Hernandez

Another awesome artist from Spain.  Toy design is quickly taking over this sneakerhead/youth culture lifestyle, and I think some of this underground/custom stuff is just as good as any of the mass produced toys we’re seeing.  Mar Hernandez has some great stuff, so you should check out his portfolio.  Read more to see more photos.


Mimobot – 2GB USB Drives

These jump drives are awesome.  Definitely cooler if you’re a chick, but I mean, I think I’m comfortable enough to rock em.  The first one’s got a pineapple grenade on it.  Check out ALL the different drives by clicking the Read More links.  Get these things here for 20 bucks.

Futura x adfunture – Tag for Futura

I just love good writing. When i see some bomb graffiti or something of the sort I just want to lick it. This tag is no exception… it’s a 3D vinyl piece that measures 40cm wide… which is like 15 inches or so. Pretty good size little piece. I want one. Quick there’s only 40 of them. Buy it here. 150 bucks. [hypebeast]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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