Bellhedz by Taco Bell (Kid’s Meals) — Ripping off Kidrobot Dunny?

Check this out.  Taco Bizell is now issuing these urban vinyl “Bellhedz” in their kids’ meals.  Pretty tight really, but Kidrobot’s saying they’re getting ripped off.  In fact, there was a protest rally in NYC today where Kidrobot handed out thousands of vinyls.  There’s a pretty funny mockery of the Taco Bell ad after the jump.  Check it: 

Original Fake – KAWS Chum Toy Keychain

The only caveat is that you have to buy all 5: $60.  They’re 2 inches tall.  You can buy them at KAWSONE. 

Papertoys by Filippo Perin for Nike Sportswear

Italian artist Filippo Perin is in a league of his own with his papertoys.  Excuse my fruitiness, but his paper Air Yeezy’s are just about the cutest lil F-in things I’ve seen in while.  This new project, called “MIKE”, is one that he did exclusively for a NSW temporary shop in Rome.  They’re little dudes with shoebox heads and fresh kicks — kinda like the Sneakhype crew (minus the “little” part… we be beasts of men.)

Coarsetoys – Paw! Spectrum

Perhaps the dopest toy designers out there, Coarsetoys, have just come out with a new version of their iconic Paw! toy.  I actually like their earlier versions a lot better, but the three new colorways are lookin quite fly in their candypaint as well.  One for $150, all three for $400.  Gotta be in San Diego this Thursday thru Sunday to get them though.  Check out these images after the jump… the packaging design rivals the actual toy in coolness:

O-No Food Company – Vinyl Sushi Toy

For some reason this just looks tight as ish to me.  At the same time it looks pretty gross as well.  Check out some other pics after the jizzy.


The Godfather x Michael Lau x MINDstyle Preview

Take a look at a preview of Micheal Lau’s Godfather collection alongside Mindstyle.  The collection includes a marionette of Don Vito Corleone and many other notable characters from the Godfather movies.   Expect a July 2009 release date. [hypebeast]

Span of Sunset x Disney – New Cheshire Cat

This is not the first Cheshire from Span of Sunset we’ve featured, but if I had to put one on my shelf, it’d probably be this one.  It’s got a glow in the dark mouth and eyes, and comes in a pretty fly box.  It’s for Dodgers’ opening day and dubbed “Mannymania”.  Pick it up here.  Check out the box:


Futura Labs x G-Shock x Bearbrick

I’m not a huge fan of Bearbrick, nor am I a gigantic fan of the copious amounts of collabs we see with G-shock… but if you’re going to do a collab right, you may as well do it right, you feel me?  Well, Futura Labs is feelin me… because they pretty much nailed this G-shock.  You can buy it here.  Check out these pics here:

Span of Sunset X Disney – Cheshire Toy

Our friends at Span of Sunset hooked up with Disney to make this titillating and totally tight toy, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.  The teeth glow in the dark, and he comes in a custom box that’s also quite illin.  There’s also many color variations of this toy available.  To purchase, click here.  And to check out the other variations hit:

MINDstyle x Michael Lau Jordan 049 x 023 Vinyl Toy

So gangsta. So fresh. So clean. So dope.  So sneakhype. Made by MINDstyle. Influenced by Jordan. Buy it here. More pics after the jump [hypebeast]

Adfunture Hiroshi Fujiwara Figure

This is a sweet little action figure of one of my favorite designers.  The legend of Hiroshi Fujiwara has grown so much Adfunture decided to make him into a vinyl figure.  Best known for his work with Fragment Design and Fenom you can pick this up for only $100 at their website now. [daily drop]


Nanospore X Royal Elastics

Here’s a collab between two companies you’ve most likely never heard of before.  Nanospore makes shirts, toys, and accessories like handbags and such.  Royal Elastics has some fly kicks.  Here, they got together and made these toys that come together to hug and become one toy.  Awww.. how sweet.  You can get most of this stuff at Nanospore, but be sure to also check out Royal Elastics.  More pics here

Coarse Toys – Jaws – Now Shipping

Ah man… when we showed you the Coarse Toys Berlin Exhibition back in early December, I just about ______ated all over myself when I saw these toys for the first time.  Now, one of their iconic toys is now shipping.  They’re taking orders now over at their website.  I didn’t look too much into it, but I bet they’re really expensive.  But, my analyses tell me that the average yearly income of our readers is 3.6 million dollars, so y’all should be able to afford it.  Also, just as a note: my reports also show that 85% of all of our readers income comes in cash.  Yeah son.  More pics below. [kanye]


Span of Sunset X Disney X BLOC28 X New Era

Is anyone else intrigued by Disney getting involved in the streetwear game?  I am.  I mean, we wear shirts with half naked women blowing nike signs on them, and Disney’s trying to get down with our demographic?  Mickey Mutha F*ckin Mouse fo life, son. This vinyl and new era set is quite dope — Mickey’s standing a strong 10.5 in tall, and their limiting the sets to 500.  Pick up your set at Span of Sunset for 120. Span of Sunset 7527 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90046

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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