Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter ($173)

Quadcopters are all the geek rage right now.  Once you see this video, you’ll geek your pants and most likely order one immediately.  It’s basically the coolest toy you could ever own.  

Sneakers & Toys by iwantyoursole

Obviously, most of us would rather look at chicks & kicks, but it’s nice to switch it up from time to time.  These pics from iwantyoursole feature some well-known toys rocking classic kicks.  Pretty dope.

Bandit Guns: Rubber Band Shotgun ($20)

Oh man, I would have got in so much trouble had this existed when I was in school.  This is the world’s first multi-action rubber band shotgun.  This thing looks absolutely amazing.  You can check out all the specifics on their Kickstarter page.

Giant Installation Made From 2500 Toy Cars

You know, if you’ve got some money to throw around, this actually would be a sweet idea for a project in your own home — maybe do an entire wall or coffee table covered in cars.  Matchbox cars are like 89 cents each and I’m sure you could get some old collections for super cheap off eBay or Craigslist.  Artist David T Waller made this dope floor installation, titled Car Atlas, to give you some inspiration.  

The Hundreds x NERF – Turbo Ball

Tomorrow, 9-6, the collaboration between The Hundreds & NERF will be dropping.  The yellow one will be available at the LA store, the orange will be in San Francisco, seafoam will be in Santa Monica, and white will be available in NY.  Expect an online release on Monday.

Homeless Star Wars Characters

Apparently the royalties from Star Wars just aren’t paying that well anymore.  Pretty solid joke, right?  These were put together by Marcos Minuchin.  The “cup of Jawa” one cracks me up.

Toy Boarders ($5)

I was all about the toy soldiers when I was growing up.  These are a cool spin off of those called “Toy Boarders”.  Grab a 24 pack for a whole $5.

The Dark Knight Batmobile – 1/6th Scale Collectible

This is pretty dope, but it would be a lot better if the Batman action figure were included.  This collectible item is available for pre-order now.  It’s going to set you back a bit at $358.

in icons – Steve Jobs Action Figure

The company in icons is really about capitalize off the death of Steve Jobs.  This is a pretty dope collector’s item for Apple fans though.  The one problem I have, they’re $100.  Ouch.

Lord (Vader) On Vacation Figurine by Abell Octovan

What does Darth Vader do when he’s not swinging his lightsaber around?  He grabs his board and snags a few waves at his local point break like any Sith Lord bro brah.  This Vader Vacation figurine was designed by Abell Octovan and with only 8 in existence at $130 a pop they might be harder to get a hold of than Princess Leia’s buns.

Medicom Mickey Mouse “Roen” Toys

Crazy dope new toys from Medicom.  Called the “Black on black”, Mickey Mouse as the subject, can’t get much better.  Look for these to drop sometime in February of ’11.  There’s three different finishes they will be released in.  Tone on tone, matte, and gloss.  More looks after the jump.

Disney/Pixar X Medicom Toy – BearBrick

Medicom Toy hooked up with Disney/Pixar for their latest collab for the Buzz Lightyear and Woody BearBricks.  These toys may provoke me to revisit my childhood and get back into action figures… probably not, but they are still definitely dope.  These will drop in August to go along with the release of the new Toy Story 3 (which hits theaters June 18th).

Vasava x 55DSL x Atom Plastic Señor Blanco Art Toy

I have kind of fallen off the “art toy” bandwagon, but this little dude is pretty sweet.  If you’re into this sort of thing, you can buy him and take a closer look here.  If you’re not into this sort of thing, you’ll probably just want to scroll down. 


Kidrobot miniTotem Dopplegangers

I am going to buy 3 of these and put them in my fish tank.  Actually, I probably won’t… but that would be sick.  My fish tank’s dopeness is already unparalleled.  But Kidrobot vinyl would just put it over the top.  They’re only 5 bucks a pop.  Cute little shitters, aren’t they?  You can pick them up here at the Kidrobot store. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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