The Hundreds X Tapatio Collection Has Finally Been Unveiled

After previewing the collection last week, The Hundreds as unveiled their entire collaboration collection with Tapatio Hot Sauce. The collection consists of a T-shirt and 10oz bottle of Tapatío hot sauce, both of which feature a graphic of Ben and Bobby Hundreds alongside Emelio, Tapatío’s iconic mascot. The T-shirt will be available in extremely limited quantities on Cinco De Mayo at all of The Hundreds’ flagship locations. The bottle will be included as a free gift with each purchase.

The Hundreds Collaborates With Tapatio Hot Sauce For Cinco de Mayo

This may go down as the most important collaboration in the history of streetwear.

The Hundreds Black Dominoes Set

The Hundreds just recently dropped their Spring/Summer ’14 collection, and included in that is this dominoes set.  Each domino features The Hundreds’ slant logo on the back.  Available now here.


The Hundreds Shows Us the Nike x Supreme Foamposite Release in LA

This release was a huge shock to me.  I knew people were really hyped about it, but I did not expect one in-store release to be completely cancelled & another one as busy as this.  The Supreme store in NYC was not able to do an in-store release because the streets were so flooded with people, so many people that the “riot control” team was brought in.  The LA store on the other hand was still able to do their in-store, here’s a look at what it was like.

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Winter Essentials Shopping Guide

It’s time for another edition of our Winter Essentials Shopping Guide. As always, we put together a dope outfit that was inspired by the winter months. It might be too late to get these items by Christmas but you can use some of that money Santa brought you to pick up a few pieces after the Holiday. Check it out. 


Hoodie Season: 10 Dope Hoodies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Hoodie season is quickly approaching. Don’t wait until there’s 3 feet of snow on the ground to cop your go-to pullover.

Van Styles X The Hundreds – Limited Edition Prints

Just a couple weeks ago, Van & The Hundreds hooked up for a photo exhibit called #NotBadForAPhotoShow.  They just put some limited edition prints from that show up for sale.

The Hundreds: Van Styles – #NotBadForAPhotoShow (Video)

Check out this video as Van preps for his upcoming exhibition with The Hundreds.  The show will be open from May 2nd to May 12th.  If you’re in LA, be sure to stop by and check it out.

Peas & Carrots Flagship Grand Opening Collection

In honor of the grand opening of their flagship store in Los Angeles, Peas & Carrots released a collection of several notable collaborations t-shirts. The Hundreds, Crooks & Castles, US Alteration, and Diamond Supply all created limited edition t-shirts with the up and coming brand. These are all available for purchase in-store now. 


Check Out The Hundreds New Video Series By Van Styles

The Hundreds and Van Styles have joined forces to create a new video series entitled, V/SUAL. It’s definitely easy on the eyes. Hopefully we see more from this series soon. Take a look.

The Hundreds x Grateful Dead – 4/20 Release

This is a dope collaboration right here.  I used to jam out to Grateful Dead nearly everyday when I was 16-17.  They still have one of the greatest band logos ever.  The entire collection is going to release on 4/20.

Ben Baller Makes The Hundreds The Biggest, Most Expensive Chain Ever (Video)

We showed the ridiculous chain that Ben Baller made for The Hundreds yesterday. Now we have a video that gives us a better look at how it all went down. This video actually serves as episode 1 of the second season of Ben Baller’s web series. After watching this, I’m pretty sure that the chain is fake but Ben is still claiming its real. What do you guys think?

The Hundreds & Ben Baller – $3,115,000 Diamond Encrusted Chain

Not too long ago, Ben Baller took to Instagram to post a picture of a deposit check from The Hundreds in the amount of $500,000.  He had mentioned how it was a deposit for the most ridiculous chain ever, and that it was going to be featured in the first episode from season 2 of his show.  Is this a huge April Fool’s joke?  Or is it legit?

The Hundreds – Spring ’13 Footwear Delivery 2

Anyone else feel like going hunting after looking at this new collection from The Hundreds?  To be honest, I’ve never been hunting, so not sure why I would feel that way.  With the camo & earth tones used here, you can’t help but to want to be outside.  The collection is available now over at their online shop.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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